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include  ('template.inc');
include  ('variable.inc');

* Nanou Morgan                  Web  			http://www.vmedia.com.au            
* NoticeBoard version 1.1		Personal Web	http://www.nanou.com.au
* January 2001					Email: 			hide@address.com


$title ="Uploading a picture";
$content .="<P><font face=\"Helvetica,Arial,Geneva\"><font size=\"2\"><b>$title</b></font><br>

<P><font face=\"Helvetica,Arial,Geneva\"><font size=\"2\"> You can upload a picture from your PC to this site but:
<ul><li> It needs to be no bigger than <b>$pix_filesize bytes</b>
<li> No more than <b>$pix_wide pixel wide</b>
<li> No more than <b>$pix_high pixel long</b>
<li>Your file name must not have any blank space and not be more than 26 characters long, including the extension(.jpg or .gif)
You will need to respect those guidelines or your picture will not be displayed properly.

 <INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" name=\"MAX_FILE_SIZE\" value=\"$pix_filesize\">
<p><center><font face=\"Helvetica,Arial,Geneva\"><font size=\"2\">Choose a picture stored on you PC<input type=\"FILE\" name=\"userfile\" size=\"35\"><br>
<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"Send File\"></P></FORM>

/*  parse to template */ 

$t = new Template( $path);
                                  // create a template object named $t 

$t->set_file( "MyFileHandle", "$template");
                                  // set MyFileHandle = our template file 
$t->set_var(array( "TITLE" => $title,
					"FOOTER" => $bot,
				   "CONTENT" =>  $content));

                                  // set template variable 
$t->parse( "MyOutput", "MyFileHandle"); 
                                  // set template variable MyOutput = parsed file 
$t->p( "MyOutput");  // output the value of MyOutput (our parsed data) 

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