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* NoticeBoard version 1.1		Personal Web	http://www.nanou.com.au
* January 2001					Email: 			hide@address.com


Community NoticeBoard Documentation

1- I have set up my ".htaccess" so that my ".html" pages are treated as php pages.. the .htaccess is as follows:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

If you don't have an apache server or your set-up doesn't allow you to do that you will have to change the extensions of all the ".html" pages to ".php or .php3". (apart from "template.html" which should stay as it is)

2- Upload the files which are in the data files in your [data folder] (which ideally should be outside your web root)  make them writable by the web and upload the "include" files in you [include folder]  that is recognised by your php.ini file.. 

4- Upload all the files in the [html folder] in your web root folder.

5- Change the permissions of the [pix folder] to be writable by the web.

3- In the include folder is the "variable.inc" . you have to change all the variable to reflect your server setting.

and that should be all.


- Preview function before posting an entry.

- Can post a picture but script check that the picture is no more than 24k, 200 pix wide and 250 high, if it is bigger,  the picture is rejected..

- Self delete the entry and the associated picture when the length of posting is over 1 , 2 or 3 month old (depending on what length was chosen when entered.)

- Can add or delete categories.

- When a new entry is done , an email is sent to the webmaster so the entry can be checked

- Admin function so that the Webmaster can delete unwanted entry.

Folder Structure:

data folder: category.txt, bbboard.txt
include folder: variable.inc, template.inc

html folder:

	pix folder for the pictures uploaded

	admin folder


All scripting has been done by me.. apart from the template.inc from phplib created by Kristian Koehntopp . and the upload.php script which I 've found on the www.php.net and which I've modified to check on the width and the height of the picture


You are welcome to report any bugs to hide@address.com
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