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include  ('template.inc');
include  ('variable.inc');
$title ="Terms and Conditions";
$content .="
      <p> <font face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\"><b>Here you will post your tems and conditions.</b></font><center><img src=\"http://axis.vmedia.com.au/images/copy.gif\" width=\"1\" height=\"1\"></center></p>

/*  parse to template */ 

$t = new Template( $path);
                                  // create a template object named $t 

$t->set_file( "MyFileHandle", "$template");
                                  // set MyFileHandle = our template file 
$t->set_var(array( "TITLE" => $title,
					"FOOTER" => $bot,
				   "CONTENT" =>  $content));

                                  // set template variable 
$t->parse( "MyOutput", "MyFileHandle"); 
                                  // set template variable MyOutput = parsed file 
$t->p( "MyOutput");  // output the value of MyOutput (our parsed data) 

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