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v7	05.NOV.11
*	NNF can now be run from a folder, with thanks to Richard van Velzen
	(this requires theme changes: URLs must be prepended with `FORUM_PATH`)
*	Sub-folders within sub-folders are not shown (not supported yet)

v6	08.OCT.11
*	Thread locking / Unlocking
*	Copying a code block inside a quote and posting now correctly indents the code block

v5	22.AUG.11
*	Fully remove post option on delete page -- now deletes the post completely rather than blanking it
	(can only be used by moderators, and only on the last page of a thread)
*	IE6 & iOS CSS fixes
v4	19.AUG.11
*	Last post date now links to the post
*	Index page count was incorrect
*	CSS fix for IE 6 & 7

v3	30.JUL.11
*	Links to threads now use "page=last"
*	"Users" folder now included in the download for simpler setup

v2	18.JUN.11
*	Ignore invalid XML files when generating index page / RSS
*	Prevent null filenames for threads with only non-ASCII titles
*	Better compatibility with PHP 5.3 (still works with 5.2)

v1	01.JUN.11
*	Initial release

For full change list and changes prior to v1, see the GitHub project page <github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum/commits/master>
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