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v20	19.JUN.12
*	HiDPI / Retina display graphics
*	Massively improved error messages
*	Using a blockquote directly within blockquote fixed
*	Forum title truncated "…" if too long for screen size
*	Google search and IE9 metadata was moved out of core and into 'theme.php'
*	Typo in 'lang.example.php' that was causing errors when making translations
*	Custom logo option had been broken for a long time, sorry!

v19	03.MAY.12
*	Translation support
	-	Themes can provide their own translations and admins can add more themselves easily
		(no translations are provided with NNF, yet, this release just adds support)
	-	Browser language is auto-detected, user can select one, and a default can be set by the admin
	-	Markup.txt removed, moved to a themed / translatable page
	-	Privacy policy added (also translatable)
	-	Translations for 'about.html' can be provided with 'about_en.html' where 'en' is the language code
	-	Page titles on index / thread / append & delete cannot be translated just yet,
		support for this will be added in a later release
*	Fixed a long-standing bug that caused page boundaries (i.e. posts per page) to be incorrectly calculated
*	Fixed incompaitbility with Windows servers involving page numbers in URLs. '+' is now used instead of ':'
*	Fixed bug with stickies not showing if no non-sticky threads exist (with thanks to "Sani")
*	Moved `theme_pageList` from 'theme.config.default.php' and into a new 'theme.php' for storing the theme functions;
	this allows each theme to use different types of lists without 'theme.config.php' having to be updated all the time
*	Page numbers are now validated / bounded
*	Current page number more visible
*	Added INSTALL.txt
*	If a mod / member, threads in locked forums no longer show warning message
	(similar to the change in v18 that removed the same warning from index pages)

v18	05.MAR.12
*	'delete.html' had been missing for some time!
*	The sticky-thread icon had been missing for an equally long time
*	Mods and member's list not showing in the footer
*	Sub-forum lock icon positioning fixed
*	Improved URL parsing involving speech marks
*	IDN (unicode) URLs
*	Error message if inadequate PHP version
*	If a mod / member of a locked forum, the warning message is no longer shown

v17	05.FEB.12
*	Referring to people with '@name' will now link to the latest reply in the thread by that person
*	Fixed issue with replying to a locked thread removing the lock
*	UTF-8 characters in templates are no longer hex encoded in the output, with thanks to Fyra

v16	30.JAN.12
*	Integrated the page number into the URL scheme
	(threads now default to the last page if no page number given)
*	Opera Speed Dial support (shows the latest non-sticky thread / reply)
*	CSS fixes for IE6/7/8, iOS and Kindle

v15	25.JAN.12
*	The greyscale theme's logo was being templated in the wrong file,
	since it's theme-specific, it has been moved to 'theme.config.default.php'
*	Added page next / previous links
	NOTE: if you have already created a 'theme.config.php' file, it is recommended to
	create a fresh copy from 'theme.config.default.php' for the above two changes
*	"User X added on date Y" text won't copy/paste so quotes can be cleaner
*	Fixed bug in v14 that stopped replies from working

v14	23.JAN.12
*	Added the thread un/lock button back which had been missing since v12!!!
*	Titles in RSS feeds were incorrect
*	Moved RSS & sitemap to DOM templating (look in lib folder)
*	Added XML namespace support to `DOMTemplate`
*	Modified `DOMTemplateRepeater` to append items after the previous,
	rather than as the last-child of the parent (no need for a superfluous wrapper)

v13	22.JAN.12
*	Nested sub-folders
*	Un/locking a thread will no longer bump it to the top of the index
*	Fixed bug with closing parenthesis being included in a URL at the end of a quote
*	Fixed small bug with user name case-sensitivity
*	Small fix to `DOMTemplate` to reduce PHP requirement to at least 5.2.17, possibly 5.1.0

v12	08.JAN.12
*	Complete theming overhaul. The PHP logic and HTML are now separated using this methodology:
	http://camendesign.com/dom_templating allowing admins to modify the HTML easily.
	- WARNING: a bug since v9 of NNF caused dividers to be inserted with invalid HTML, these posts
	  will appear blank unless you search your threads for `"hr"/` and replace with `"hr"`
*	Fixed major bug with code blocks/spans restoring in the wrong order
*	Changed dividers to use three or more dashes instead of four
*	Fixed bug with dividers "---" using faulty HTML
*	Added `theme_custom` function to 'theme.config.default.php' to add your own custom templating
*	Moved templating of HTML titles to `THEME_TITLE*` consts in 'theme.config.default.php'
*	Removed 'action.php' by integrating append/delete actions into 'thread.php'
*	Renamed 'shared.php' to 'start.php' and created 'lib' folder for shared code
*	Reorganised greyscale theme images

v11	24.DEC.11
*	WARNING: Removed "private" forum lock-type due to basic lack of privacy without htpasswd
	(anybody can just access the "index.xml" file to view posts); will leave this feature
	up to admins to implement with htpasswd. If you have any existing private forums,
	please implement htpasswd protection before upgrading!

v10	24.DEC.11
*	Theme configuration moved to '/themes/*/theme.config.default.php'
*	Forum description / custom HTML via 'about.html'
*	Custom CSS support via 'custom.css' file
*	Custom favicon support
*	Custom logo support in greyscale theme

v9	21.DEC.11
*	More markup syntax supported: (with thanks to Richard Van Velzen)
	`:: title`, `---` (divider), `*bold*` & `_italic_`
*	Please note that 'config.example.php' has been renamed to 'config.default.php'
*	`rel="nofollow"` added to URLs in user text
*	Fixed file-locking issue on Windows servers
*	Fixes to RSS links
*	Lowered server requirement from PHP v5.2.6 to v5.2.4 (theoretically 5.0)

v8	06.DEC.11
*	Access control: Major new feature! You can lock forums and limit posting / access to certain users:
	(Members can be specified in a 'members.txt' file)
	- 'threads':	Only moderators / members can start threads, but anybody can reply
	- 'posts':	Only moderators / members can start threads or reply
	- 'private':	Only moderators / members can access and participate in the forum (no access for the public)
*	Moderators can sign-in to do moderator actions
*	Moderators can now reply to and append / delete in locked threads
*	Moderators can now fully remove previously deleted (blanked-out) comments
*	Config option to disable new user registrations site-wide (`FORUM_NEWBIES`)
*	HTTPS support. Enable `FORUM_HTTPS` in your config to force HTTPS
*	Fix for Windows servers (forward slashes breaking `FORUM_PATH`)

v7	05.NOV.11
*	NNF can now be run from a folder, with thanks to Richard van Velzen
	(this requires theme changes: URLs must be prepended with `FORUM_PATH`)
*	Sub-folders within sub-folders are not shown (not supported yet)

v6	08.OCT.11
*	Thread locking / Unlocking
*	Copying a code block inside a quote and posting now correctly indents the code block

v5	22.AUG.11
*	Fully remove post option on delete page -- now deletes the post completely rather than blanking it
	(can only be used by moderators, and only on the last page of a thread)
*	IE6 & iOS CSS fixes
v4	19.AUG.11
*	Last post date now links to the post
*	Index page count was incorrect
*	CSS fix for IE 6 & 7

v3	30.JUL.11
*	Links to threads now use "page=last"
*	"Users" folder now included in the download for simpler setup

v2	18.JUN.11
*	Ignore invalid XML files when generating index page / RSS
*	Prevent null filenames for threads with only non-ASCII titles
*	Better compatibility with PHP 5.3 (still works with 5.2)

v1	01.JUN.11
*	Initial release

For full change list and changes prior to v1, see the GitHub project page <github.com/Kroc/NoNonsenseForum/commits/master>
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