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<?php //theme configuration defaults
/* ====================================================================================================================== */
/* NoNonsense Forum v17 © Copyright (CC-BY) Kroc Camen 2012
   licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 <creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_GB>
   you may do whatever you want to this code as long as you give credit to Kroc Camen, <camendesign.com>

/* --- copy this file to 'theme.config.php' and customise to your liking,
       don’t delete or modify 'theme.config.default.php'! --- */

/* required options: (used internally by NoNonsense Forum itself, all themes must provide these)
   ====================================================================================================================== */
//(the template replacements are done using `sprintf`, see <php.net/manual/en/function.sprintf.php> for details)

//the `date` format code used to print human readable dates into the HTML,
//see <php.net/manual/en/function.date.php> for documentation
@define ('DATE_FORMAT',		'd M ’y · H:i');

//the HTML title for index and thread pages
//"%1$s" - the title
//"%2$s" - if on page 2 or greater, `THEME_TITLE_PAGENO` will be inserted here, otherwise it will be removed
@define ('THEME_TITLE',		'%1$s%2$s');

//the page number, added to the titles of index pages and threads
//"%1$u" - the page number
@define ('THEME_TITLE_PAGENO',	' : %1$u');

//the title for append pages
//"%1$s" - the post title (will come from `THEME_RE` for replies)
@define ('THEME_TITLE_APPEND',	'Append to %1$s');

//the title for delete pages
//"%1$s" - the post title (will come from `THEME_RE` for replies)
@define ('THEME_TITLE_DELETE',	'Delete %1$s?');

//reply number shown in threads as a permalink
//"%1$u" - the number of the reply
@define ('THEME_REPLYNO',	'#%1$u.');

//title format for each reply
//"%1$u" - number of the reply
//"%2$s" - the thread title
@define ('THEME_RE',		'RE[%1$u]: %2$s');

//HTML used when appending to a post:
//"%1$s" - username of who posted
//"%2$s" - timestamp formatted for use with HTML5 `<time>`
//"%3$s" - human-readable time, as per `DATE_FORMAT`
@define ('THEME_APPEND',	'<p class="appended"><b>%1$s</b> added on <time datetime="%2$s">%3$s</time></p>');

//HTML that replaces a post when it's deleted (this is not rectroactive)
@define ('THEME_DEL_USER',	'<p>This post was deleted by its owner</p>');
@define ('THEME_DEL_MOD', 	'<p>This post was deleted by a moderator</p>');

/* optional: (options unique to this theme)
   ====================================================================================================================== */
//filename of the image to use as the site logo (assumed to be within the theme's folder)
//- for this theme, it should be 32x32 px
@define ('THEME_LOGO',		'logo.png');

/* functions: (you might want to do some particular formatting in your theme)
   ====================================================================================================================== */
if (!function_exists ('theme_custom')) { function theme_custom ($template) {
	//this function is called just before a templated page is outputted so that you have an opportunity to do any
	//extra templating of your own. the `$template` object passed in is a DOMTemplate class, see '/lib/domtemplate.php'
	//for code or <camendesign.com/dom_templating> for documentation on how to template with it
	//set the logo
	$template->setValue ('img#hide@address.com', FORUM_PATH.'themes/'.FORUM_THEME.'/img/'.THEME_LOGO);

//produces a truncated list of page numbers around the current page:
//(you might want to do something different, like a combo box with a button)
if (!function_exists ('theme_pageList')) { function theme_pageList ($url_slug, $page, $pages) {
	//always include the first page
	$list[] = 1;
	//more than one page?
	if ($pages > 1) {
		//if previous page is not the same as 2, include ellipses
		//(there’s a gap between 1, and current-page minus 1, e.g. "1, …, 54, 55, 56, …, 100")
		if ($page-1 > 2) $list[] = '';
		//the page before the current page
		if ($page-1 > 1) $list[] = $page-1;
		//the current page
		if ($page != 1) $list[] = $page;
		//the page after the current page (if not at end)
		if ($page+1 < $pages) $list[] = $page+1;
		//if there’s a gap between page+1 and the last page
		if ($page+1 < $pages-1) $list[] = '';
		//last page
		if ($page != $pages) $list[] = $pages;
	//turn it into HTML
	foreach ($list as &$item) switch (true) {
		case $item == $page:	$item = "<li><em>$item</em></li>"; 				break;
		case $item:		$item = "<li><a href=\"$url_slug:$item\">$item</a></li>";	break;
		default:		$item = '<li>…</li>';
	//insert the previous / next links
	if ($pages > 1 && $page > 1)	array_unshift ($list, "<li><a href=\"$url_slug:".($page-1)."\">«</a></li>");
	if ($page < $pages)		array_push    ($list, "<li><a href=\"$url_slug:".($page+1)."\">»</a></li>");
	return implode ('', $list);

//produce an HTML list of names. used for the mods/members list
if (!function_exists ('theme_nameList')) { function theme_nameList ($names) {
	foreach ($names as &$name) $name = '<b'.(isMod ($name) ? ' class="mod"' : '').'>'.safeHTML ($name).'</b>';
	return implode (', ', $names);

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