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Clickable links will be created automatically on any web addresses in
your text that begin with "http://", "https://", "ftp://" or "irc://".
Also, e-mail addresses will be turned into clickable links for you.

YES:	http://www.google.com
YES:	http://google.com
NO:	www.google.com
NO:	google.com
YES:	hide@address.com

Name References:
You can refer to another person by prefixing their name with an
at-symbol. E.g. @bob

The name will link to the last reply made by that person in the
current discussion thread.

Bold & Italic
*Write bold text like this*, and _italic text like this_.

For a title, start a line with two colons.

:: Shopping list

To draw a line across your text, use three or more dashes:


To quote somebody else's text, place it on its own line with quote
marks at the beginning and end. This applies even if the quoted text is
more than one paragraph, or contains quotes itself.


There must be a blank line between any quote and other text:

YES:	This is my text
	"This is your text"
	This is my text

A single line-break does not work:

NO:	This is my text
	"This is your text"
	This is my text

There must be no text before or after the quote marks:

NO:	"This is your text".
However, spaces before or after are allowed. When you copy and paste
someone else's quote, extra spaces might be included, just ignore these.

YES:	This is my text

	     "this is your text
	This is my text

A quote may span more than one line or paragraph:

YES:	This is my text
	"The quick brown fox
	jumped over the lazy dog
	Jackdaws love my big
	sphinx of quartz"
	This is my text

Quotes can contain quotes:

YES:	"This is the first quote
	"This is the second quote"
	This is the first quote"
You may use three different kinds of quote marks:

YES:	"Plain speech marks"

	“Curly quotes”

But you can’t mismatch the ends:

NO	“this won’t work»

Different kinds of quotes can be nested however:

YES:	"This is the first quote

	“This is the second quote
	«This is a third quote»”"

Pre-formatted (Monospace) Text and Code:
When posting, all unnecessary white-space is automatically removed.
If you have some text that you need to present "as-is", or relies upon
a monospace font (such as ASCII art), you can use a "code block", like

      __...--~~~~~-._   _.-~~~~~--...__
    //               `V'               \\ 
   //                 |                 \\ 
  //__...--~~~~~~-._  |  _.-~~~~~~--...__\\ 
 //__.....----~~~~._\ | /_.~~~~----.....__\\
                dwb `---`

The code block begins with a percent sign, then your text (starting the
next line), and then the ending percent sign on the next line.

There should be a blank line between the code block and any other text
before or after:

NO:	Fish!
YES:	Fish!


You can include a title, or in the instance of inserting source code
snippets the programming language used, after the first percent sign:

div	{color: red;}

% Fish!

Should you need to quote something that has percent symbols as the
first character on a line, such as the LaTeX programming language,
you can simply use the dollar sign "$" as a delimiter instead.

$ LaTeX
% Written by Jon Gjengset

Inline Code:
For small snippets of code / teletype text you want to appear
admidst other sentences (rather than in a separate block),
you can use backticks to enclose the code (1 or more allowed):

E.g.	Use `*bold*` for bold and ``_italic_`` for italics.
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