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<title>Default Theme Configuration File is Missing</title>
<h1>NoNonsense Forum</h2>
<h2>Error: Default Theme Configuration File is Missing</h2>
	The file "theme.config.default.php" cannot be found at the expected location
	"/themes/<?php echo FORUM_THEME; ?>/theme.config.deafult.php".

<dt><strong>Is your `FORUM_THEME` option correct?</strong></dt>
	The `FORUM_THEME` option, within "config.php" (if it exists), specifies the name of the theme to use.
	That theme should exist as a folder in the "themes" folder (e.g. "greyscale"). If you are using another theme,
	ensure that it exists in the "themes" folder, and that `FORUM_THEME` is correctly set.

<dt><strong>Do not modify or rename the "greyscale" theme:</strong></dt>
	You should not modify the default theme beyond creating a "theme.config.php" or "custom.css" file.
	If you wish to modify any of the HTML of the theme, you should duplicate the "greyscale" theme, rename that,
	and set the `FORUM_THEME` option accordingly.

<dt><strong>Download and install a fresh copy of NoNonsense Forum:</strong></dt>
	The "theme.config.default.php" file is included with NoNonsense Forum. It sets configuration defaults for the
	chosen theme, which you can customise by making a copy of "theme.config.default.php" and renaming to
	"theme.config.php". Remember to never modify or delete "theme.config.default.php"!

<?php exit (1); ?>
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