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V1.71 18 Jan 2001 (c) 2000, 2001 John Lim (hide@address.com). All rights reserved.
  Released under both BSD license and Lesser GPL library license. 
  Whenever there is any discrepancy between the two licenses, 
  the BSD license will take precedence. 
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  Latest version is available at http://php.weblogs.com/
  Microsoft Visual FoxPro data driver. Requires ODBC. Works only on MS Windows.

if (!defined('_ADODB_ODBC_LAYER')) {
if (!defined('ADODB_VFP')){
class ADODB_vfp extends ADODB_odbc {
	var $databaseType = "vfp";	
	var $fmtDate = "{^Y-m-d}";
	var $fmtTimeStamp = "{^Y-m-d, h:i:sA}";
	var $replaceQuote = "'+chr(39)+'" ;
	var $true = '.T.';
	var $false = '.F.';
	var $hasTop = true;		// support mssql SELECT TOP 10 * FROM TABLE
	var $upperCase = 'upper';
	function BeginTrans() { return false;}

	// quote string to be sent back to database
	function qstr($s,$nofixquotes=false)
		if (!$nofixquotes) return  "'".str_replace("\r\n","'+chr(13)+'",str_replace("'",$this->replaceQuote,$s))."'";
		return "'".$s."'";
	// TOP requires ORDER BY for VFP
	function &SelectLimit($sql,$nrows=-1,$offset=-1, $inputarr=false,$arg3=false,$secs2cache=0)
		if (!preg_match('/ORDER[ \t\r\n]+BY/i',$sql)) $sql .= ' ORDER BY 1';
		return ADOConnection::SelectLimit($sql,$nrows,$offset,$inputarr,$arg3,$secs2cache);


class  ADORecordSet_vfp extends ADORecordSet_odbc {	
	var $databaseType = "vfp";		

	function ADORecordSet_vfp($id)
		return $this->ADORecordSet_odbc($id);

	function MetaType($t,$len=-1)
		switch (strtoupper($t)) {
		case 'C':
			if ($len <= $this->blobSize) return 'C';
		case 'M':
			return 'X';
		case 'D': return 'D';
		case 'T': return 'T';
		case 'L': return 'L';
		case 'I': return 'I';
		default: return 'N';

} //define
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