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     echo '<center><b>Check Writing</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><i>Print Checks for a selected pay period. Checks are designed to print on 8.5 x 11 check paper with the check on top and two stubs below.</i><br><br>
<b>Name:</b> Select pay period from pull-down list of calculated pay periods.<br><br>
<b>Checking Account:</b> If you do not want to use the default checking account, you may select another.<br><br>
<b>Beginning Check Number:</b> The beginning check number should always be correct, but can be changed at this time.<br><br>
<b>Check Endorser:</b> This is the name which will print below the signature line on the check. It may be left blank.<br><br>
<b>Check Date:</b> Checks can be written in advance of the actual date of the check.<br><br>
<b>Write Deposit Check:</b> If you check this option, then after printing the checks for each employee, an extra check will be written to the financial institution where payroll tax deposits are made. The amount of the check will be the sum of federal tax withheld, company and employee FICA, and company and employee Medicare.<br><br>
<b>Continue</b> Press this button when you are ready to proceed with printing.<br><br><hr><br>

<i>You will see a message saying <b>Checks written successfully</b>.</i><br><br>
<b>Print Checks:</b> Click on this link to bring up checks in Acrobat Reader. To send checks to the printer, click in the area of the Acrobat Reader to give it focus, then click on the Acrobat Reader printer icon. The usual printer selection display will appear. On hitting OK, the checks will be sent to the printer. If you need to reprint (due to jams, or whatever) press the printer icon again. However, if the check numbers need to be changed, you will need to void those checks and print the payroll again.<br><br>


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