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     echo '<center><b>Add Inventory PO</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><i>Issue new Purchase Orders for inventory items.</i><br><br>

     <b>VENDOR #:</b> Vendor to whom PO is written. To select a vendor, click on the magnifier. To add a new vendor, click on the plus sign.<br><br>
     <b>CONTACT:</b> Name of vendor contact.<br><br>
     <b>VENDOR ORDER #:</b> This is your vendor confirmation or work order number.<br><br>
     <b>PO #:</b> The PO Number will automatically fill in with the next number available. You can select a different number if you wish.<br><br>
     <b>DUE DATE:</b> Date by which you want to receive the items.<br><br>
     <b>REQUISITION #:</b> Internal requisition number associated with this PO.<br><br>
     <b>LOCATION:</b> Location where the goods purchased should be sent.<br><br>
     <b>SHIPPING METHOD:</b> Preferred method of shipping - select from pull down list.<br><br>
     <b>TRACKING #:</b> Shipper tracking number - usually not known at add PO, but if your vendor can tell you this it can help when finding out where a shipment is.<br><br>
     <b>CONTINUE</b> Press continue button when ready to enter items for the PO.<br><br><hr><br>
     <b>ITEM CODE:</b> Enter an item code, or click on the magnifier to look up an item.<br><br>
     <b>QUANTITY:</b> Quantity to purchase.<br><br>
     <b>PRICE/UNIT:</b> Price per unit purchased.<br><br>
     <b>ADD LINE ITEM TO PO:</b> Press this button to create a new blank line for entereing another item on the Purchase Order.<br><br>
     <b>COMPLETE PO:</b> Press this button when all items have been entered for the Purchase Order.<br><br><hr><br>
     <b>PRINT THIS PO:</b> Once the PO has updated successfully, you will be shown this link. Click on it to actually create the printable PO.<br><br>
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