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     echo '<center><b>Inventory Item Usage Report</b></center><br>';
     echo '<i>For any given period of time, you can view quantities of an item sold/used.</i><br><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><b>ITEM CODE: </b>The default is ALL items, but you may enter a code or press the icon to the right of the input area to bring up a selection list.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>CATEGORY:</b> Select ALL or specific category from the pull-down list.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>VENDOR:</b> Select ALL or a specific Vendor from the pull-down list.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>PERIOD:</b> Pick the period of time to be included from the pull-down list.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>CATEGORY SUB-TOTALS:</b> If you select sub-totals then after each category you will see a total, otherwise there will be no breaks.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>USE ORDER RECEIVE DATE:</b> If you want to count as sold, all orders received, check this box. Otherwise an item is not considered sold until it is shipped.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Create Report: </b>Create a report using the selected options.<br><br></font>';
     echo '<font size="+1">';
     echo '<center><b>Inventory Item Usage Report - Part Two</b></center><br>';
     echo '<i>If you have chosed SHIPPED Items, then the quantity sold will be underlined. Click on this link to see the list of orders that makes up the sold quantity.</i><br><br>';

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