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     echo '<center><b>Chart of Accounts Add</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1">This page allows entry of your Chart of Accounts for your General Ledger. All financial activity will be associated with one or more of these accounts.<br><br>ACCOUNT TYPE: Every Account MUST have a type. Select the appropriate type from the drop-down list.<br><br>Press the CONTINUE button to enter the rest of the information.<br><br>GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNT: Enter a unique account number. Actually, if you are using multiple companies, then one account might be associated with one or more specific companies, or will ALL companies.<br><br>ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION: The description of the account. (Example: Account 100 might be described as Checking Account)<br><br>SUMMARIZE TO ACCOUNT: If you want your income statement to be able to take three or four different accounts and show the totals all under one entry on the report, then enter the account to which this account should be added and displayed. (The report can be printed summarized or not as an option at run time).<br><br>SPECIFIC COMPANY: If you have multiple companies and this account only applies to some of them, select which company. Otherwise, entering a 0 (zero) will make this account available to all companies. This does not mean that transactions to a shared account will be joint. Transactions are kept separate by company ALWAYS.<br><br></font>';
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