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echo '<center><H2><b>Document Manager - Add</b></H2></center><br>
<i>This screen allows you to add a new file to the system.  Click the location button and select the file you want to add from your computer.  You can enter information about it, including it\'s category, size, desciption, etc.  You can also set the user rights on who has permission to view or modify the document.</i><br><br>
<font size="-1"><b>Check In: </b>This button allows you to check-in a document you currently have checked out and are editing.<br><br>
<font size="-1"><b>Search: </b>This button allows you to search for a document by it\'s description, filename, or comments.<br><br>
<font size="-1"><b>Add: </b>This button allows you to add a new document to the NOLA Document Manager.<br><br>';
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