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     echo '<center><b>Vendor Update</b></center><br>';

     echo '<font size="-1">This page allows editing of Vendors for use in Payables and Purchasing, and Inventory.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>FIRST:</b> First you must select a vendor from the drop-down list.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>SECOND:</b> Second you must pick which of the three areas of information you want to edit.<br><br>';
     echo '---------------------------<br><br>';
     echo '<b>GENERAL INFO</b><br>';
     echo '---------------------------<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Payment Terms:</b> Terms extended to you by your supplier. Enter this list under Admin-Accounting-Payables-Payment Terms.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Pay None:</b> A checkbox to indicate that no checks should be written during automatic processing for this vendor.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Default GL Account:</b> Which is the usual GL account to use when entering bills (usually an expense type of account). The Payables side of entering a bill will be taken care of automatically.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Default Bill Description:</b> The usual explanation for bills received from this supplier.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Customer Account:</b> If you have been assigned an account number by your vendor. This number will print on checks issued to this vendor.<br><br>';

     echo '---------------------------<br><br>';
     echo '<b>ORDER FROM INFO<br>';
     echo 'PAY TO INFO</b><br><br>';
     echo '---------------------------<br><br>';

     echo '<b>Company Name:</b> Full name of company.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Address: </b>Two lines are provided for entering address information.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>City:</b> City portion of address.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>State:</b> It is best to use the two-letter state abbreviation here.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Country:</b> You need only fill this out if you have vendors located in more than one country.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Mail Stop:</b> If this vendor uses internal Mail Stop Codes, enter that info here.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Phone & Phone Description:</b> There are four different phone numbers that can be entered. Examples might be Office, FAX, CELL, Pager, etc. Enter phone extension information by prefixing the extension with the letter x.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>E-mail & E-mail Description: </b> Two different e-mails can be entered along with a note as to the purpose (or person) for each.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Web Address:</b> If your supplier maintains a web site, put that address here.<br><br>';
     echo '<b>Federal ID:</b> For tax purposes, you may need to carry this information (ie: 1099 forms).<br><br>';

     echo '</font>';
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