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     echo '<center><b>Payroll Tax Tables</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><i>Withholding and Tax Deduction Allowance tables. All table information should be entered for ANNUAL.</i><br><br>
<b>TAX TYPE:</b> Select a tax type from the pull-down list.<br><br>
<b>SELECT:</b> After selecting a tax type, press select button to move to the next screen.<br><br><hr>

<b>TAX:</b> Select a Tax from the pull-down list.<br><br>
<b>MARITAL STATUS:</b> Enter the marital status for the tax table you want to enter/update.<br><br>

<b>DEDUCTION ALLOWANCE TABLE:</b> Unchecked, you will bring up the tax withholding tables. Checked, this will bring up the deduction allowance table (if this tax district uses one).<br><br>
<b>SELECT:</b> Press this button to continue after making your choices.<br><br><hr>

<b>TAX AMOUNT:</b> For this wage bracket, enter amount of tax.<br><br>
<b>PLUS % TAX:</b> Percentage of tax to be charged on amounts over the wages in the right-hand column. This amount, once calculated, will be added to the tax in the previous column.<br><br>

<b>ON WAGES OVER:</b> Tax to be calculated for this line if the wages are over this amount. If not, you drop to the next lower number for the calculation.<br><br>

<b>SAVE CHANGES:</b> If you want to SAVE, press this button.</font><br><br>
<b>*** HINT ***: </b><i> You can enter the lines of the tax table in any order. The next time you save and redisplay, they will be in the correct order. Once you fill up all the lines displayed, pressing SAVE will save those entries and display new blank lines so you can add more information.<br><br>';

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