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echo '<center><H2><b>Inventory Standard GL Accounts</b></H2></center>';
echo '<i>These Accounts are used for determining how to post certain information to General Ledger. On any of the below entries you may select the right account from the pull-down list.</i><br><br>';
echo '<font size="-1"><b>CASH: </b>General Ledger Account for Cash or Checking (for income received from sales).<br><br>';
echo '<b>SALES: </b>General Ledger Account for Sales Income from inventory sales.<br><br>';
echo '<b>INVENTORY LOSS: </b>General Ledger Account to use when posting a loss in inventory. This happens when a physical inventory count comes up with less on hand than is reflected in the computer.<br><br>';
echo '<b>COST OF GOODS SOLD: </b>General Ledger Account for the COST of the inventory items sold.<br><br>';
echo '<b>FREIGHT EXPENSE: </b>General Ledger Account for Freight expense of INCOMING inventory.<br><br>';
echo '<b>TAX PAID EXPENSE: </b>General Ledger Account for Tax on INCOMING inventory.<br><br>';
echo '<b>Save Changes: </b>SAVE the changes made.<br><br>';
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