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 echo '<center><b>Detail Work Type Add</b></center><br>

<b>Name:</b> Name of detail work type.<br><br>

<b>Turnaround days up to quantity:</b> Enter a quantity below which the turnaround days is one thing and above which it changes to a longer period.<br><br>
<b>Days:</b> Turnaround days for the lower quantity.<br><br>
<b>Turnaround days over quantity:</b> Turnaround days at the higher quantity.<br><br>
<b>Notes for Quote:</b> Notes that will appear on all quotes using this work type.<br><br>
<b>Add:</b>Click on this button to save the entries made.<br><br>
<b>Return to Detail Selection:</b> Click on this return to the Selection screen for Detail Work Type.<br><br>


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