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     echo '<center><b>Print Management System - Quote Notes</b></center><br>
 <font size="-1"><i>Create notes that will appear on quotes generated and emailed.</i><br><br>

<b>BOLD INTRO PORTION OF NOTE:</b> The bold-type leadin text for the note.<br><br>
<b>TEXT PORTION OF NOTE:</b> The normal type body of the note.<br><br>
<b>SHOW ON QUOTE WHEN:</b> Select when this note should appear on a quote.<br><br>
<b>DISPLAY ORDER:</b> Order in which note should appear on quote (smallest numbers appear first).<br><br>
<b>Save Changes:</b> Press this button to save any changes made to the above information.<br><br>
<b>Delete this Note:</b> Click here to delete this note from the system.<br><br>


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