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<center><H2><b>Shipping Method Update - Part One</b></H2></center><br>

<center><H2><b>Shipping Method Update - Part Two</b></H2></center><br>
<font size="-1"><b>CARRIER METHOD: </b>Select a Carrier method from the pull down list.<br><br>
<b>EDIT: </b>This allows you to edit the selected method.<br><br>
<b>Add a new method</b> Click on this link to create a new shipping method for this carrier.<br><br>
<b>Go to carrier selection</b> Click on this link to return to carrier selection.<br><br>

<center><H2><b>Shipping Method Update - Part Three</b></H2></center><br>
<font size="-1"><b>CARRIER METHOD: </b>Describe a service or method for the selected  Carrier (ie: Next Day Air).<br><br>
<b>Save Changes: </b>Changes will not be saved until you press this button.<br><br>
<b>Delete this method </b> Click on this link to delete the shipping method shown.<br><br>
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