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echo '<center><H2><b>Payment Terms Add</b></H2></center><br>';
echo '<font size="-1"><b>'.capstest('Verbal').': </b>The terms printed on the invoice from your vendor (ie. Net 30 days).<br><br>
<b>'.capstest('Discount percent').': </b>The percent discount allowed if paid withing the stated number of days.<br><br>
<i>  '.capstest('Note').' on '.capstest('Discount periods').': You can enter '.capstest('only one').' of '.capstest('discount days').' or '.capstest('discount day of month').'.<i><br><br>
<b>'.capstest('Discount Days').': </b>The amount of days from the date of the invoice during which you can take the discount.<br><br>
<b>'.capstest('Discount Day of Month (PROX)').': </b>The day of the month past which you cannot take the discount. (for example 2% 10th PROX means that you can a 2% discount on the next 10th day of the month. If you are currently at the 5th of the month, then the discount is for the 10th of the current month. Otherwise it is for the 10th of '.capstest('next').' month.<br><br>
<b>'.capstest('Net due days').': </b>The number of days after which the invoice is past due.<br><br>
<b>Add: </b>'.capstest('No').' Entries '.capstest('will be recorded').' if you do '.capstest('not').' press this button!<br><br>';
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