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     echo '<center><b>AP Standard GL Accounts</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><i>Enter/update standard posting accounts to be used by accounts payable when passing data of general ledger.</i><br><br>

     <b>PAYABLES:</b> General ledger account for payables.<br><br>
     <b>INTEREST EXPENSE:</b> General ledger account for posting interest paid on past due invoices.<br><br>
     <b>DISCOUNT EARNED/DISCOUNT LOST:</b> Check the appropriate box to indicate whether general ledger should track the discounts earned by paying bills in time, or discounts lost by not paying bills in time.<br><br>
     <b>DISCOUNT ACCOUNT:</b> General Ledger posting account for discounts earned or lost, depending on selection made in the above check boxes.<br><br>
     <b>USE TRANSACTION DATE:</b> Post to general ledger using invoice date, or date of entry when entering bills. Using invoice date may mean you have to repost previous months and rerun month end reports if invoices come in much later than their invoice date.<br><br>
     <b>SAVE CHANGES:</b> Press this button to save entries made.<br><br>
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