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     echo '<center><b>Checking Account Update</b></center><br>';
     echo '<font size="-1"><i>You can have more than one checking account you use, so this is where you set up the different accounts.</i><br><br>

     <b>CHECKING ACCOUNT:</b> Select checking account to be edited from the pull-down list.<br><br>
     <b>EDIT SELECTION:</b> After selecting an account, press this button to proceed with editing the selection.<br><br><hr><br>
     <b>ACCOUNT NAME:</b> Name of checking account (probably the bank name).<br><br>
     <b>LAST CHECK # USED:</b> After you set a beginning number, this number will automatically update each time checks are written for either payables or payroll.<br><br>
     <b>DEFAULT ENDORSER:</b> Name which will normally be printed under the signature line on the check.<br><br>
     <b>AP:</b> Check this box if this check account can be used for Payables checks.<br><br>
     <b>PAYROLL:</b> Check this box if this check account can be used for Payroll checks.<br><br>
     <b>GL ACCOUNT:</b> General Ledger posting account checks written (asset) account.<br><br>
     <b>SAVE CHANGES:</b> Press this button to save entries made.<br><br>
     <b>DELETE THIS ACCOUNT:</b> Click on this link to delete the checking account shown.<br><br>
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