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If only one location in the database, skip all location-related questions and default to location=0.
If only one price level in the database, skip price level questions and default choice to that one.

ARORDER: One record per order. Select price level, inventory location (or all),
     ordering customer, ship-to address, PO#
     Auto-assign order number from some pre-defined beginning point
     Status pre-set at 0 for open.  1 for shipped final, 2 for billed final

ARORDERDETAIL: Any number per order. One inventory item per record
     Ask Item, Qty, Taxed Y/N (default to customer taxed question),
     GL sales account (default to customer GL sales account), display
     calculated item price (use a function call to do calc) but let user over-ride

     When an item is selected, display immediately the available quantity
     for the given location (or all locations if that was the option selected).

At end of order entry, create a pick ticket that assumes PRINT
as the normal status of the page. If FTP or similar IMPORT, these print pages
should probably go to a file until group is processed, then retrieve for print.

Print a bar-code on pick-list page for the order number, and for each of the items on
the order. If items are pulled from a particular location, it should state that. If there
is not enough on-hand at a specific location, but maybe at others, it should display
that info. If not enough on hand it should display that immediately.

Other ARORDER files will be updated later, as shipments made and billing completed.

ARORDERTRACK file to contain tracking info about order within plant
             Action =  0=checkout
                       10=checkout return
                       20=fill start
                       30=fill return
                       40=part ship
                       50=full ship

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