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2002-01-04        Changed *functions.php applied rtrim patches from Mark.
2002-01-04        Changed DB SCHEMA - Renamed table check to chk, as check was reserved in postgres.
2002-01-04        Changed arord*.php to allow extranet customers to view order lists, change customer info. TODO: allow extranet customers to add/update orders.
2002-01-04        Added arinvoicereptax.php invoicing sales tax report.
2002-01-04        Changed functions.php changed functions to allow defines to toggle display as image for menu and explain buttons. (Thanks Todd Lewis for idea)
2002-01-03        Added arinvoice* files for invoicing.
2002-01-02        Changed many files.  Applied patch from Mark to correct menu and explain image creation problems.
2001-12-14        Changed document manager files, inventory item add files.  Added versioning to document manager, and final revisions.  Added support to autoinserting attached inventory files into document manager upon adding a new item.  Added support for case-insensitive logins.
2001-12-13        Changed glrepbalance.php corrected process.  Balance sheet should have been calulating balances for account types <50 for all time, and >=50 since beginning of fiscal year.
2001-12-12        Changed many files.  Patches from Mark.
2001-12-10        Changed many files.  Changes to menu and navigation. Patches from Mark.
2001-11-30        Changed many files.  Synced with Mark, who added transaction support to gljouradd.php, many other fixes.
2001-11-28        Changed many files.  Applied patches from Mark to fix minor html snafu's.

1.0.2 - not rolled

2001-11-14        Changed gljouradd.php added more query validation
2001-11-14        Changed glrepincome.php made minor reporting fixes
2001-11-14        Changed header.php javascript validatenum() to allow negative number entries.
2001-11-13        Changed many files. Further syncs with Mark.
2001-11-08        Changed many files.  Applied patches from Mark to improve Postgres compatibility, and fix other minor bugs.
2001-11-08        Changed includes/adodb/adodb.inc.php to fix bug in cached statements in 1.51.
2001-11-05        Changed includes/adodb/*.  Upgraded to version 1.51.
2001-11-05        Changed header.php, lookupcustomer.php, lookupvendor.php, admininvattachupd.php, lookup.js, adminglcompanyupd.php for minor html fixes and cross broswer problems (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-30        Changed index.php - fixed broken extranet user login support
2001-10-29        Changed interface.php - assume extranet login if ALLOW_LOGIN_INTERNAL is disallowed
2001-10-23        Changed functions.php - limit pwencrypts return to 64 characters (max of db) (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-23        Changed highlightfield.js - handle netscape 4 differently (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-23        Changed arfunctions.php - set gencompanyid in arsalesmanadd() (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-23        Changed genfunctions.php - removed repeated field in genuserupdaterights() (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-23        Changed DB SCHEMA - Changed password column in genuser to char(64) to accept max length of return from pwencrypt.  This was certainly causing login problems on non-mcrypt systems. (Thanks Mark)
2001-10-23        Changed importcustomer.php to fix bug where it wasn't grabbing the submitted file correctly

2001-10-22        Changed checklogin.php to use file name instead of file
2001-10-22        Changed DB SCHEMA - Changed column file to filename in table genstylesheet because file is reserved in some db's
2001-10-22        Changed arordupd.php to use select distinct on order search
2001-10-19        Changed adminpay*.php to use language independant strings
2001-10-16        Changed adminap*.php, adminar*.php, admindoc*.php, admingl*.php, admininv*.php to use language independant strings
2001-10-15        Changed menu.php, index.php, defines.php; Added lang/1.php and 2.php to start language abstraction
2001-10-15        Changed DB SCHEMA - Added column deflanguage int not null default 1 to table genuser to store default language choice
2001-10-11        Changed interface.php to submit form on enter keypress form password textbox.
2001-10-11        Changed menu.php to use a different menuing system.
2001-10-11        Changed importcustomer.php to accept csv file to be uploaded or grabbed by URL
2001-10-10        Changed gencompanyupd.php to restrict updates in demo mode
2001-10-10        Changed start.php added link to nola about screen
2001-10-10        Added nolaabout.php nola about screen
2001-10-10        Added importcustomer.php customer import from CSV file
2001-10-10        Changed nolanightlybuild.sh to run /includes through dos2unix.  CrLf were causing problems on unix installations (headers already sent in defines.php)
2001-10-09        Changed defines.php added CURRENCY_SYMBOL define to allow $ to be changed to different marks

2001-10-08        Initial Public Release
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