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<? include('includes/main.php'); ?>
<? include('includes/apfunctions.php'); ?>
	echo texttitle(STR_PAYMENT_TERMS_UPDATE);
	if ($id) { // if the user has submitted info
		if ($delete) {
			if (appaytermsdelete($id)) die(textsuccess('Payment terms deleted successfully'));
		} elseif ($verbal) { //if we should update the entry
			appaytermsupdate($id, $verbal, $discountpercent, $discountdays, $netduedays,$discountdayofmonth);
		}; //if we should display more info about the entry that the user can edit
		echo '<form action="adminappaytermsupd.php" method="post"><table><input type="hidden" name="id" value="'.$id.'">';
		echo '</table><input type="submit" value="'.STR_SAVE_CHANGES.'"></form> <a href="javascript:confirmdelete(\'adminappaytermsupd.php?delete=1&id='.$id.'\')">'.STR_DELETE_PAYMENT_TERMS.'</a>';
	} else { //display unit names, let the user pick one to edit
		echo '<form action="adminappaytermsupd.php" method="post"><table>';
		echo '</table><input type="submit" value="'.STR_EDIT.'"></form>';
        echo '<a href="adminappaytermsadd.php">'.STR_ADD_NEW_PAYMENT_TERMS.'</a>';
<? include('includes/footer.php'); ?>
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