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// NOKKAEW - is "Parrot" in thai name
// Copyright (C)  copyright 2006 MamboHub.com
// All rights reserved.  The NokKaew project is a extention hack and
// component for the Mambo Open Server. It enables Mambo OS to handle multi
// lingual sites especially in all dynamic contents which are stored in the
// database.
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
// Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307,USA.
// The "GNU General Public License" (GPL) is available at
// http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// $Id: french.php,v 1.4 2006/06/28 11:20:34 Exp $

* @package NOKKAEW.language
* @copyright 2006 MamboHub.com
* @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU Public License
* @version 1.0, 2006-6-28
* @author DEV nokkaew <hide@address.com>
defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.' );
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND', 'Interface publique');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_LANGUAGES', 'Langues');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_SHOWACTIVE', 'Active your language'); //new nokkaew
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_SHOWIF', 'Que voulez vous afficher si...');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_NOTRANSLATION', 'il n\' y a pas de traduction disponibles ?');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_ORIGINAL_CONTENT', 'Le contenu original');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_ORIGINAL_WITH_INFO', 'Le contenu original avec une information');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_PLACEHOLDER', 'Un texte de remplacement');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_VIEW', 'Sélecteur de langue sur le site');									//new 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_LIST', 'Liste (horizontale)');					//new 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_COMBO', 'Sélecteur');												//new 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_IMAGE', 'Liste d\'images (horizontal)');				//new 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_HELP', 'Veuillez s\'il vous plaît définir comment le sélecteur de langue doit être présenté sur le site<br />Si vous choisissez l\'option avec les images, vous devez les placer dans le répertoire &quot;/images&quot; du CMS.');							//changed 1.5!
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE', 'Langue par défault des sites:');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_HELP', 'Langue indiqué dans le fichier de configuration du site.');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_SELECT_LANGUAGES', 'Sélectionnez la langue utilisée pour votre site.');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_LANGUAGE', 'Sélectionnez la langue du site:');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_LANGUAGE_HELP', 'Merci de sélectionner les langues à utiliser pour les traductions.<br />(Utilisez [ctrl] pour sélectionner plus d\'une langue.)');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_NAME', 'Nom du Type');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_AUTHOR', 'Auteur');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_VERSION', 'Version');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_DESCRIPTION', 'Description');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_TITLE', 'Titre original');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_DATECHANGED', 'Dernière modification');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_DISPLAY', 'Afficher #');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_ACTIVE', 'actif');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_MAMBO', 'Fichier Mambo');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_IMAGE', 'Image filename');										//new 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_ORDER', 'Ordering');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_ELEMENT_CONFIG', 'Type de contenu');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_ELEMENT_REFERENCE', 'Structure des Données');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_ELEMENT_SAMPLES', 'Exemple de données');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_COMMONINFORMATION', 'Information générale');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DATABASEINFORMATION', 'Information sur la Table de données');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DATABASETABLE', 'Nom de la Table');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DATABASETABLE_HELP', '(le nom sans préfixe)');

define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_DATABASEFIELDS', 'Liste des champs');
define('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TRANSLATE', 'Traduction');

define('_NOKKAEW_SET_DEFAULTTEXT', 'Set default text');												// new 1.5
define('_NOKKAEW_SET_COMPLETE', 'Set complete');														// new 1.5
define('_NOKKAEW_SELECT_LANGUAGES', 'Tous les languages');
define('_NOKKAEW_SELECT_NOTRANSLATION', 'Non traduit');
define('_NOKKAEW_NOTRANSLATIONYET', '(Non traduit ou langue originale)');
define('_NOKKAEW_SELECT_ELEMENTS', '-- Choisir un type de contenu --');
define('_NOKKAEW_NOELEMENT_SELECTED', 'Indiquez la langue et le type de contenu des éléments à traduire.');

define('_NOKKAEW_ORIGINAL', 'Original');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION', 'Traduction');
define('_NOKKAEW_ITEM_INFO', 'Information');
define('_NOKKAEW_STATE_NOTEXISTING', 'Pas de traduction');
define('_NOKKAEW_STATE_CHANGED', 'modifié');
define('_NOKKAEW_STATE_OK', 'Traduction OK');

define('_NOKKAEW_COPY', 'Copie');
define('_NOKKAEW_CLEAR', 'Effacer');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION_UPTODATE', 'La Traduction est <u>mise à jour</u>');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION_INCOMPLETE', 'La Traduction est <u>incomplete</u> ou l\'original <u>a changé</u>');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION_NOT_EXISTING', 'La Traduction <u>n\'existe pas </u>');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION_PUBLISHED', 'La Traduction est <u>publiée</u>');
define('_NOKKAEW_TRANSLATION_NOT_PUBLISHED', 'La Traduction n\'est <u>pas</u> publiée');
define('_NOKKAEW_STATE_TOGGLE', '(Cliquez sur l\'icone pour changer l\'état.)');

define('_NOKKAEW_DBERR_NO_LANGUAGE', 'Vous devez choisir une langue');
define('_NOKKAEW_CONFIG_SAVED', 'Paramètres sauvés');																// New 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_CONFIG_PROBLEMS', 'Il y eu un problème lors de la tentative de sauvegarde des paramètres!');		// New 1.1
define('_NOKKAEW_LANG_PROBLEMS', 'Impossible de sauvegarder les paramètres sur la langue!');		// New 1.1

/* neu 1.5.1 (mic) */
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_TITLE_UNPUBLISHED', 'Unpublished');
define ('_NOK_NAME_MISSING','You must enter a name');
define ('_NOK_ENTER_CORR_MAMBO_NAME','You must enter a corresponding Mambo name');
define ('_NOK_LANG_ALREADY_EXISTS','There is a language already with that mambo name, please try again');
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_VLIST', 'List with names (Vertical)');
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_FRONTEND_VIMAGE', 'List with icons (Vertical)');
define ('_NOK_SPACER','Spacer at display as text');

define ('_NOK_TT_TITLE_NAME','Define here the names as they will display in the frontend');
define ('_NOK_TT_TITLE_ISO','Language codes with <strong>2 digits, e.g. de for german, or en for englisch</strong>');
define ('_NOK_TT_IMAGES_DIR','Usually the flag icons are in the folder <strong>images/flags</strong>.<br />In this case write only <strong>nur</strong> the icon name.<br />Otherwise fill in the complete absolute path (without http:// or www) inclusive icon name!');
define ('_NOK_TT_TITLE_ORDER','Ordering for disyplay at frontend.<br />First language with 0 (null), then 1 (one) etc.');
define ('_NOK_TT_TRANS_DEFAULT','Fill in here onyl a text if </strong>fixed text</strong> should be displayed.<br />Otherwise leave this field empty, Mambo will use the defined variable from the language file : <strong>_NOK_NO_TRANSLATION_AVALIABLE</strong>');
define ('_NOK_TT_SPACER','Spacer for displaying language selector in textmode when in horizontal mode.<br /><strong>Hint</strong>: If nothing is filled here in, but horizontal mode is selected, usually a spacer will be defined by Mambo as: | (with space before and after).<br />Space before and after will be used always.');

// errors
define ('_NOK_ERROR','Error:');
define ('_NOK_EDITED_BY_ANOTHER_ADMIN','The content item [ %s ] is currently being edited by another administrator'); // %s=$actContentObject->title
define ('_NOK_CONFIG_WRITE_ERROR','Config file not writeable!');

//New in 1.6.2
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_CATEGORY', 'Category');
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_AUTHOR_ALL', 'All');
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_AUTHOR', 'Author');
define ('_NOKKAEW_ADMIN_KEYWORD', 'Keyword');
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