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Version 1.0.0:
	IMPROVED CODE ORGANIZATION:Mayor code restyling, "private function import($xmlNode)" is in NmnLoggerConfig.php now along with "private function findFile($filePath,$type = "file")". 
	Both of them used to reside on NmnLoggerObject. 
	In addiction "private function import($xmlNode)" used to be static.
	ELIMINATED:"MessageFactoryInterface.php" is not longer in use. You have to extend the base NmnMessageFactory.php class in order to create your own message factory. 
	CHANGED: "NmnMessageFactory.php" gets it's "outputTemplate" from a xml attribute. You can now
	specify any number of attributes to valorize properties inside your message factories.(Since now it uses 
	the "NmnLoggerConfig->import($xmlNode)" function.)
	ELIMINATED:"DriverInterface.php" is not longer in use. You have to extend the base "NmnLoggerBaseDriver.php"
	class to create your own drivers to dispatch logs to new medias. As usual you can initialize any number
	of object properties declaring them in the "nmn-logger-config.xml".

Version 1.1.0:
	FIXED:Bug in message factory in formatting datetime.

	CHANGED: Due to possible security holes, message drivers are now configured directly in the php files.

	ADDED: Simple mysql logging driver, to log directly into mysql tables.
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