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NiX Proxy Script Installation

Remember to read security.txt.
Assuming your proxy virtual host DocumentRoot is /home/your_user_dir/public_html

NOTE: Windows system owners need to download loaders accordingly from http://www.sourceguardian.com/ixeds/

1) Copy or move everything from upload directory to /home/your_user_dir/public_html

2) Cache directory crontab (applies only to Linux setups). For windows you must create your own scripts to
clean the cache.

mkdir -p /home/your_user_dir/public_html/cache
chmod 777 /home/your_user_dir/public_html/cache

See crontab/cleancache.sh for example

3) MySql database/user setup

You can do mysql part with phpmyadmin as well. Here's mysql command line howto. 
Open mysql console by typing: mysql -u root -p


GRANT ALL ON nixproxy.* TO nixproxy@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

b) Import all tables: 

mysql -u username -p -D nixproxy <mysql/web_proxy.sql
mysql -u username -p -D nixproxy <mysql/web_proxy_settings.sql
mysql -u username -p -D nixproxy <mysql/web_proxy_users.sql

c) Edit connect.php and update accordingly database and user credentials.

4) SourceGuardian loader and php.ini settings

Required php.ini settings: 

short_open_tag = On
safe_mode = Off
enable_dl = On

SourceGuardian 8.2 loader (extension) must be in extension_dir defined in php.ini

For PHP 5.2.x : extension=ixed.5.2.lin
For PHP 5.3.x : extension=ixed.5.3.lin

If you are using 32bit operating system, you need to copy the loader from "loaders/32" directory
If you are using 64bit operating system, you need to copy the loader from "loaders/64" directory 

4) Go to your proxy admin control panel and configure your settings.
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