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// Module Info

// The name of this module

// A brief description of this module
define("_MI_PROVAS_DESC","This module enables you to create questions, answers and group it all together to form an exam");

// Names of admin menu items

//OPções de configuração
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG1_DESC","Number of items by row in perguntas.php");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG1_TITLE","Size of Navigation bar");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG2_DESC","Chose your favourite editor");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG3_DESC","Would like to have your results directly <br />instead of waiting for the teachers correction?");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG3_TITLE","Direct Result");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG4_DESC","Quantity of exams, questions, documents or results<br />in the lists of the admin side of the module");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG4_TITLE","Itens per page");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG5_DESC","Quantity of exams in the list of the main index.php page");
define("_MI_PROVAS_CONFIG5_TITLE","Exams in index");

//Descrição dos templates
define("_MI_PROVAS_TPL1_TITLE","Module's main page");
define("_MI_PROVAS_TPL2_TITLE","Starting page of an exam");
define("_MI_PROVAS_TPL3_TITLE","Question's page");
define("_MI_PROVAS_TPL4_TITLE","Confirmation of ending exam page");

define("_MI_PROVAS_PROVA_CORRIGIDA_NOTIFY","Exam grading");
define("_MI_PROVAS_PROVA_CORRIGIDA_NOTIFYCAP","Warn me when results are in");
define("_MI_PROVAS_PROVA_NOTIFYDSC","Category of Results");
define("_MI_PROVAS_PROVA_CORRIGIDA_ASSUNTOMAIL","The results are in!");
define("_MI_PROVAS_PROVA_CORRIGIDA_NOTIFYDSC","Warn the student when the teacher has finish correcting the exam");

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