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NFG v0.0.1

NFG is a (primitive) PHP 5 and SQLite based application designed to be simple and able to do what you want it to do.


Extract the zip. The directories are as follows:


Code directory - /code/
This directory contains the inner workings of the application. 
It is recommended you put it out of your web tree. 
For example, if your webserver uses C:\xitami\webpages, then you should put this folder in C:\somethingelse\code\
Simply, someone browsing to http://www.yoursite.com/ shouldn't be able to browse to http://www.yoursite.com/nfg/code/
and directly access these scripts. If you do this and the PHP parser fails then all 
your scripts and modifications to those scripts are available to any malicious user that wants to see it.

Public directory - /public_html/
This is the directory that is to be in your web directory.
Remember to edit index.php and change the code basedir if you have moved it to a different location.

User Directory - /users/
The path to this dir should be in config.php.


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If it doesn't work, post your question in the sourceforge forums or email/MSN tequila_tsunami @ hotmail . com

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