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// title of the webpage in html-code:
$Ititle="What's up in Oberasbach where I live";
switch (true) {
	// You have to know these facts about your server:
	// How is your website called from a user's webbrowser?
	case ( strcmp($HTTP_HOST,"lisa.d.franken.de") == 0 ):
		// Usually newspaper.php is in the same directory like 
		// the html-documents it is building together to one webpage:
		// How is this directory called from a user's webbrowser?
		// You have to put all your webdocuments in this directory.
		// All picures have to be linked relative to this directory.
	// This directory is replicated to my other server
	case ( strcmp($HTTP_HOST,"lena.franken.de") == 0):

// which files could be used to build this webpage from?
// The head of the page, this is valid forever. Look at the dates: beginning, ending
// The dates are d.m.yyyy hour:min
$Ishowme[]="lisa_head.html|1.1.1900 0:00|31.12.9999 23:59";
$Ishowme[]="lisa_never_never_see_this.html|1.1.2002 0:00|15.1.2002 18:00";
// The induction of the elementary's school computer-room is only interesting
// for this month, but I will let it for a year so you can see how this program
// works:
$Ishowme[]="lisa_induction_computerroom_elementary_school.html|30.1.2002 0:00|28.2.2003 23:59";
// Usually this is only valid until end of carneval, but you will find it a long
// time for test purposes:
$Ishowme[]="lisa_carneval2002.html|28.1.2002 0:00|12.2.2003 18:00";
// Links to searchmachines, forever
$Ishowme[]="lisa_searchmachines.html|1.1.1900 0:00|31.12.9999 23:59";
// Footer, is always at the end of a page
// PHPSCRIPT_HINT will be changed to a hint to this script
$Ishowme[]="lisa_footer.html|1.1.1900 0:00|31.12.9999 23:59";
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