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  <TITLE>Induction Of New Computerroom in Elementary School</TITLE>
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<H2>Induction Of New Computerroom in Elementary School</H2>

<P><IMG SRC="lisa_induction_computerroom.jpg" WIDTH="308" HEIGHT="236"
28th 2002 the <B>new computerroom for the elementary school in
Soutz-Zirndorf was inducted.</B> At a date with the press everyone
could see how good the trainees from Siemens did their work for
the children in our city.</P>

<P><B>All this could happen only with the help of:</B> Siemens
SPE-TB Fuerth, headmaster Schulz, the city of Zirndorf, our local
electricity-provider in Zirndorf and Telekom hide@address.com</P>

<P><B>Thank you very much Mrs. Zahl </B>who helped fast where
the need was.

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