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a:164:{s:5:"nav01";s:16:"Write / overview";s:5:"nav02";s:17:"HTML (PHP) layout";s:5:"nav03";s:8:"Settings";s:5:"nav04";s:4:"Help";s:5:"nav05";s:8:"Language";s:6:"p1_001";s:15:"Date of issue: ";s:6:"p1_002";s:8:"Expires:";s:6:"p1_003";s:6:"Title:";s:6:"p1_004";s:5:"Text:";s:6:"p1_005";s:51:"Date of isue, day-month-year (DDMMYYYY = right now)";s:6:"p1_006";s:65:"Expiry date, file will be deleted at that time (no entry = never)";s:6:"p1_007";s:42:"Php filename will be made out of the title";s:6:"p1_008";s:27:"Filename respectively link.";s:8:"p1_err01";s:50:"Please enter a title bofore you store the article.";s:8:"p1_err02";s:54:"Please enter some content before you save the article.";s:8:"p1_err03";s:0:"";s:9:"p3_lg_eng";s:7:"English";s:9:"p3_lg_ger";s:6:"German";s:4:"x_ja";s:3:"yes";s:6:"x_nein";s:2:"no";s:6:"x_tage";s:4:"days";s:5:"z_min";s:8:"Minutes:";s:5:"z_std";s:6:"Hours:";s:6:"p3_top";s:16:"Program settings";s:6:"p3_u10";s:7:"Newsbox";s:6:"p3_u11";s:89:"Number of visible latest news in the newsbox. Older news are only visible in the archive.";s:6:"p3_u20";s:7:"Archive";s:6:"p3_u21";s:44:"Should the newsarchive be visible for users.";s:6:"p3_u30";s:17:"Language settings";s:6:"p3_u31";s:30:"Choose your prevered language:";s:6:"p3_u40";s:7:"Signing";s:6:"p3_u41";s:30:"Meaning of the different LED's";s:6:"p3_u42";s:85:"Marks news that is not active until yet because their date of issue is in the future.";s:6:"p3_u43";s:57:"Marks news that will appear soon. Date of issue less than";s:6:"p3_u44";s:17:"Marks aktive news";s:6:"p3_u45";s:47:"Marks active news that have an expiration date.";s:6:"p3_u46";s:21:"Marks news older than";s:6:"p3_u22";s:32:"Number of news per archive site:";s:6:"p3_u50";s:20:"Format date settings";s:6:"p3_u51";s:129:"Here you can setup the format dates should be displaied. This has to be done for the internal and the public settings separately.";s:6:"p3_u52";s:15:"Ex. todays date";s:5:"nav06";s:6:"Logoff";s:6:"p1_100";s:9:"Comments:";s:6:"p1_101";s:18:"No comments alowed";s:6:"p1_102";s:28:"Comments appear after review";s:6:"p1_103";s:25:"Comments appear instantly";s:6:"com001";s:75:"There are no comments to unlock, or you don't have the required permission.";s:6:"com002";s:124:"The following comments were left by your visitors and need to be checked. They will not appear until you have unlocked them.";s:6:"com003";s:6:"unlock";s:7:"ml_del1";s:38:"has deleted the following article from";s:7:"ml_del2";s:0:"";s:7:"ml_del3";s:189:"For your savety here is a copy of the HTML-Code it was before. In case of this was a mistake, you can easily copy it and paste it to the editor as HTML-Code (source code!) to have it again.";s:7:"ml_del4";s:18:"Article deleted by";s:7:"ml_edi1";s:37:"has edited the following article from";s:7:"ml_foot";s:46:"This email was automatically sent by PHP-NewsP";s:6:"ml_new";s:16:"New article from";s:7:"ml_newt";s:33:"has written the following article";s:5:"nav07";s:8:"Comments";s:5:"nav08";s:19:"User administration";s:6:"p1_009";s:6:"Writer";s:6:"p1_010";s:12:"Am. of words";s:6:"p1_200";s:7:"Welcome";s:6:"p1_201";s:73:"Your visitors have posted new comments! You should check and unlock them.";s:6:"p3_u60";s:17:"Internal settings";s:6:"p3_u61";s:15:"Public settings";s:6:"p3_u62";s:14:"Email settings";s:6:"p3_u64";s:52:"I want to be informed if a visitor leaves a comment.";s:6:"p3_u65";s:51:"I want to be informed if a new article was written.";s:6:"p3_u69";s:53:"Background color, name of comment writer (hex value):";s:6:"p3_u70";s:13:"Dividing rule";s:6:"p3_u71";s:35:"Color of dividing rule (hex value):";s:6:"p3_u72";s:32:"Thickness of dividing rule (px):";s:6:"p3_u73";s:6:"Symbol";s:6:"p3_u74";s:89:"Here you can enter the URL of an image file what will be used as symbol for the comments.";s:6:"p3_u75";s:5:"Texts";s:6:"p3_u76";s:40:"Text to invite users to leave a comment:";s:6:"p3_u77";s:27:"Text to ask for users name:";s:6:"p3_u78";s:34:"Text to ask visitors for comments:";s:6:"p3_u79";s:15:"(current color)";s:6:"p3_u80";s:54:"Text to display after a visitor has written a comment:";s:5:"q_010";s:18:"Should the article";s:5:"q_011";s:18:"really be deleted?";s:6:"p1_199";s:5:"Hello";s:5:"q_009";s:15:"Should the user";s:4:"uk01";s:46:"Authorization to edit and delete ALL articles.";s:4:"uk02";s:53:"Authorization to unlock, edit or delete ALL comments.";s:4:"uk03";s:33:"Authorization to upload pictures.";s:5:"us001";s:19:"User administration";s:5:"us002";s:24:"Create new user account:";s:5:"us003";s:9:"Username:";s:5:"us004";s:9:"Password:";s:5:"us005";s:16:"Retype password:";s:5:"us006";s:8:"Register";s:5:"us007";s:18:"Existing accounts:";s:5:"us008";s:16:"Change password:";s:5:"us009";s:6:"Update";s:5:"us010";s:2:"ok";s:5:"us011";s:6:"Email:";s:5:"us012";s:47:"Authorization to write articles without review.";s:5:"us013";s:58:"Authorization to unlock comments on self written articles.";s:4:"nb01";s:0:"";s:4:"nb03";s:0:"";s:5:"us014";s:75:"PASSWORD ERROR, the entered passwords were not identical. Please try again.";s:5:"us015";s:24:"successfully registered!";s:5:"us016";s:4:"back";s:4:"im01";s:14:"Picture width:";s:4:"im02";s:10:"Full scale";s:4:"im03";s:26:"Upload image (jpg or png):";s:4:"im04";s:76:"Before deleting the picture make sure it is used nowhere. Should the picture";s:4:"im05";s:22:"The directory is empty";s:4:"im06";s:18:"Current directory:";s:4:"im07";s:21:"Create new directory:";s:5:"nav09";s:8:"Pictures";s:5:"us017";s:12:"Changes done";s:6:"p1_011";s:15:"MetaDescription";s:6:"p1_012";s:8:"optional";s:3:"del";s:13:"Delete folder";s:3:"gp1";s:557:"<BR>&nüäp;<CENTER><äp§n ätyl9="f7nt-w9ßght:100; f7nt-äßz9: 8pt; f7nt-f§mßly:Arߧl, H9lv9tßc§, ä§nä-ä9rßf; lßn9-h9ßght: 15px; c7l7r:äßlv9r; t9xt-§lßgn:c9nt9r;">N9wääcrßpt üy <A ätyl9="c7l7r:äßlv9r;" HREF="http://www.n9wäp.96" TARGET="_ül§nk">n9wäp.96</A></äp§n></CENTER>";s:3:"gp2";s:8:"n9wäp.96";s:3:"gp3";s:8:"n9wäp.96";s:7:"htm_dat";s:36:"This placeholder will show the date.";s:7:"htm_nws";s:102:"This is the placeholder for the mainpart of your news entries. At this position your news will appear.";s:7:"htm_tit";s:178:"Place this space holder to display the respective title of a news entry. Related to SEO it’s good to have it in the title-tag and furthermore as a headline (H1,H2,…) on the page.";s:7:"htm_usr";s:116:"You can use this space holder to display the news writers username. (May make sense if you have more useraccounts). ";s:4:"im10";s:7:"Preview";s:4:"im11";s:4:"Size";s:4:"im12";s:49:"URL... just copy and paste as image to the editor";s:5:"nav10";s:7:"Newsbox";s:5:"nav11";s:16:"Password / email";s:4:"nb51";s:4:"SAVE";s:5:"nb511";s:154:"Changes will only affect new entries. If you want to have the changes on older entries as well, please choose REORGANIZE after you have saved the changes.";s:4:"nb52";s:10:"REORGANIZE";s:5:"nb522";s:117:"If you want your changes to affect already existing news click here to reorganize after you have saved your changes. ";s:4:"nb60";s:164:"The Newsbox shows the latest news entries. You can add it to each site of your web project. If these are php sites just copy the php-code as follows to these sites.";s:4:"nb61";s:23:"Alernative 1 (PHP-code)";s:4:"nb62";s:158:"If you want to add the Newsbox to a web project that uses HTML-files (no php) you can include the Newsbox as IFRAME. In that case copy and past alternative 2.";s:4:"nb63";s:24:"Alernative 2 (HTML-code)";s:4:"nb64";s:116:"Please not that in case of alternative 2 you have to customize the values for width and height of the iframe (red). ";s:6:"p3_u81";s:10:"Texteditor";s:5:"us018";s:59:"On the following website a useraccount was created for you:";s:5:"us019";s:58:"You are able now to write and publish news articles there.";s:5:"us020";s:54:"Please login - change your password - and login again.";s:5:"us021";s:240:"Here you can add further users and give them their rights. New users get their userdata in an email. Because this is an automatically created email it might end up in a spam folder. Please inform your users in case they don't get the email.";s:5:"hello";s:5:"Hello";s:4:"pw01";s:18:"Forgotten password";s:4:"pw02";s:102:"Please enter your username here. You'll get an email with further instructions to reset your password.";s:4:"pwm1";s:66:"PHP-NewsGerd was asked to reset your password by the following IP:";s:4:"pwm2";s:107:"If it was you who did this, please visit the link below within the next 60 minutes and renew your password:";s:4:"pw03";s:154:"Aus Sicherheitsgründen kann eine Passwortrücksetzung nur einmal stündlich beantragt werden. Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal!";s:6:"p3_u63";s:64:"When will you, as the Admin, be informed to your email addressee";s:8:"htm_meta";s:104:"If you want to have a meta description paste this placeholder into the HEAD-Area of the html-code below.";s:4:"nbh1";s:313:"Please copy and paste the plain HTML code of your website to the field below (without any content). Then add the following placeholders to your HTML code. Later NewsP will create a own PHP file for each of your news. For that purpose it will copy the code here and replace the placeholders with your news content.";s:6:"p3_u32";s:59:"Number of visible news entries in Write/ Overview per site:";s:6:"p3_u82";s:19:"(Programm internal)";s:6:"p3_u83";s:47:"On your website, how your visitors will see it.";s:6:"p3_u66";s:211:"If an article gets EDITED I want to have a copy of the html-code it was before to my email account. In case of a mistake this code can easily be pasted to the editor as HTML (source code!) to have it back again.";s:6:"p3_u67";s:212:"If an article gets DELETED I want to have a copy of the html-code it was before to my email account. In case of a mistake this code can easily be pasted to the editor as HTML (source code!) to have it back again.";s:4:"nbh0";s:138:"Here you can customize the NewsP layout according your website with a few clicks only. Take these 2 minutes time to understand the system.";s:4:"nbh2";s:108:"Also php-code can be added here, thus includes of navigation bars or things like that are no problem at all.";s:5:"us022";s:23:"Username already exists";s:5:"nb065";s:158:"If you want the box to like the one below, copy also the gray characters. Otherwise use only the black ones and create some own html-code around to format it.";s:5:"nb066";s:13:"Further links";s:5:"nb067";s:73:"Beside the newsbox you can additionally link to your news using this link";s:5:"nb068";s:214:"This links always leads to the latest news. Related to SEO the use of this link is very advisable, especially from external sites. Its because this way new articles will be available in search engines very quickly.";}
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