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	<TITLE>Example news Where to link to</TITLE>
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<H2>Example news Where to link to</H2><P>

	NewsP is a separated part of your website that requires no php inclusion. You just link to that part of your website and it will appear all of a piece for your visitors.</p>
	<br />
	<strong>But where to link to?</strong><br />
	Beside the inclusion of the newsbox to each of your sites, it&#39;s good to have a link to the NewsP main directory (i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/news/). This link will lead your visitors always to the latest news.<br />
	But not only your visitors, also search engines will follow that link and index it with the great benefit that this link changes its content each time you write a new article. And search engines like changing content.<br />
	If you have the possibility to get links from other sites, link to this folder and your news will be available in search engines very quickly.</p>
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