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1. Edit "admin/init.php" and set all variables
2. Open "core.js" and search for "http://yourdomain.com". There are 3 occurrences:

   var contractsymbol='<img src="http://yourdomain.com/......
   var expandsymbol='<img src="http://yourdomain.com/......
   document.write('<LINK href="http://yourdomain.com/......

   Replace them with your domain name.

3. Create a folder called "expander" under your root directory. Leave the chmod value
   to the default 755.
4. Copy all folders and files to the "expander" folder that you have just created.
    For example:
     the URL of the "admin" folder should be "yourdomain.com/expander/admin".
     the URL of the "example.htm" file should be "yourdomain.com/expander/example.htm".
5. Set chmod permission of these folders and files to 777:
    - folder: "css"
      > file: style.css
    - folder: "detailed"
    - folder: "scripts"
      > file: news.js
    - folder: "upload"
6. Upload the folder "expander_db" and its 3 files to somewhere outside the root.
   For example, if your root is /home/username/public_html , then this folder should
   be /home/username/expander_db".
   Chmod the folder and all the 3 files to 777.
7. Login to the control panel at yourdomain.com/expander/admin
    Default login is "admin/upoint".
    You may change the username in "init.php" and the password in the control panel.
8. Add a news and check to see if the news appears correctly in Step 9 below.
9. Add these lines to your webpage where you want to see the Expander news:
    <script src="scripts/news.js"></script>
    <script src="scripts/core.js"></script>

   * Please note that you use the correct relative URL as it depends on where your
     webpage is located.
   * For quick example, view your result at www.yourdomain.com/expander/example.htm

1) For the free version, please make sure that the "poweredby.gif" is present in:
   - root/expander/detailed/poweredby.gif
2) Make sure that you do not temper/delete/edit this image or the script will fail.
   To remove this logo stamping, please purchase the commercial version at:
   - www.upoint.info/cgi/demo/expander

1) It supports HTML codes in both Heading and Brief Description fields. Simply remember
   to use single-quotation marks instead of double-quotation marks. For example:

   <img border='1' src='http://yourdomain.com/images/jamestaylor.jpg' align='left'>

2) Two types of collapsible behaviors:

    Behavior 1: Collapse previously open news when the next news is clicked (expanded).
    The default use this behavior.
    Behavior 2: Do not collapse previously open news.

    Simply change the "collapseprevious" variable near the top of "core.js" file to
    "yes" or "no".

Installation Service:
1) We charge merely $10 for installing this script for you. Payment can be made at
   www.upoint.info/payment.htm . Once payment is made, please create a Helpdesk ticket at
   the contact URL below. Please specify: Domain name, FTP address, FTP username & password

1) The popup notifier failed to show up.
    - Make sure you have activated one of the popup notifier you created.
    - Make sure the URL you specify in the PHP includes or SSI tag is correct.

Additional License:
1) If you purchased this script individually (not via UPOINT Gold or Silver Membership),
   you may request for additional licenses at merely $10 per license. Each licensed
   script can only work under ONE server IP. If you have several domains under the same
   shared IP, you may install it at multiple domains provided that these domains belong
   to you. Web hosting ISPs or other similar ISPs are prohibited from using this script at
   their customers' websites even under the same server with the same shared IP address.


1) Our FAQ page is located at www.upoint.info/cgi/helpcenter/
2) News about latest script released, updates and bug fixes is located at
3) Mailist list: http://upoint.info/mailman/listinfo/news_upoint.info
   On average onlyl one or two UPOINT's newsletter will be sent per month.
   Your email address will only be meant for this purpose.

Please DO NOT contact us by email. Instead, use the contact form below.

The Management,
UPDI Network Enterprise
Contact us for help: www.upoint.info/contact.htm

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