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print "	<h1>About Clearsite</h1>
			 	<p>Clearsite is a PHP/Ajax frontend to RRDTool written from the ground up and maintained by Rich Rumble and Chris Brodnik.</p>
			 	<h1>Getting started</h1>
			 	<p>Login to Clearsite using the Csadmin account and default password, we suggest changing the password after logging in
			 	by clicking on the MY tab that appears after you login. To add Devices, you must first define a location, click the Admin tab
			 	and then click the \"ADD SITE\" button. Fill in the basic information:<br />
			 	<img alt=\"\" src=\"$ClearsiteBaseURL/images/site-add.png\" /><br />
			 	After you've added a site, you can then begin to add devices to that site. NOTE: Devices can easily be moved from site to site
			 	using the Edit function of the device, simply use the drop down for site locations to change what site to associate the device with.<br />
			 	Adding a device is also very easy, ClearSite will attempt to aid you in choosing a template to use when adding.<br />
			 	<img alt=\"\" src=\"$ClearsiteBaseURL/images/device-add.png\" />
			  <img alt=\"\" src=\"$ClearsiteBaseURL/images/device-add2.png\" /><br />
			 	For Switches, ClearSite will try to determine IOS or Cat OS, but currently cannot determine if it's configured as a router or just a simple switch. The list
			 	below should help you to determine what to use. NOTE Switch Layer3 is never automatically selected.
			 	<ol class=\"docs\">
			 		<li>Cisco Router</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">This can be used as a Generic SNMP enabled host as well</p>
			 		<li>Cisco Switch (Cat IOS Layer3)</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco switch running Cat IOS, and also acting as a router</p>
			 		<li>Cisco Switch (Cat IOS)</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco switch running Cat IOS, no routing defined</p>
			 		<li>Cisco Switch (Cat OS Layer 3)</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco switch running Cat OS, and also acting as a router</p>
			 		<li>Cisco Switch (Cat OS)</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco switch running Cat OS, no routing defined</p>
			 		<li>Cisco Switch (One U)</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco switch, typically in the 29xx, 35xx, 37xx and 38xx series switch's.</p>
			 		<li>Cisco VPN</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A cisco VPN concentrator, typically the 3000 series, untested on others</p>
			 		<li>Cisco WAP</li>
			 		<p class=\"docs\">A Cisco Wireless Access Point</p>
			 		<li>Cisco CSS</li>
			 		<li>Cisco PIX</li>
			 	<p>That's it really, the rest should be self explanatory. <br />
			 	-------------!!NOTE!! -------------<br />
			 	If you cannot find a device by IP, or DNS Name, but can find it via MAC Address,
			 	the likely means you have a PIX as your gateway. PIXen do not store the Xlate or an ARP table in SNMP, so we cannot correlate the MAC to IP. It is
			 	also possible that you have a switch that is Layer3 and it is not configured in the admin tab as a Layer3 switch. Simply click edit on the switch
			 	in question and change it to Layer3. It is also possible your not walking a router that contains the ARP table for MAC to IP translation that ClearSite
			 	needs to make the correlation.
			 	<br />
			  <h1>Setting up your own Graph Page (the MY tab)</h1>
			 	<p>Login to Clearsite, use the serach tool to find your graphs, click on the result(s) to view the graph your interested in. Alternitively, you
			 	can use the Navigation Tree to look through the inventory of locations the administrator has setup. Simply expand the device's
			 	data sources and click on the desired link to render the graph.</p>
			 	<br />
			 	<p>After your graph appears, you can add it to your \"favoites\". The first time you do want to do this, you must create a name
			 	for the page you'd like to place the graph in, then click ADD TO PAGE.<br />
			 	<img alt=\"\" src=\"$ClearsiteBaseURL/images/my-page.png\" />
			 	<h1>Report Bugs, Give Praise, Make Feature Requests to:</h1>
			 	<p>Email: help&#64;clear&#45;site&#46;&#110;&#101;&#116;</p>
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