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			 <h1>About Clearsite</h1>
			 <p>Clearsite is a PHP/Ajax frontend to RRDTool written from the ground up and maintained by Rich Rumble and Chris Brodnik.</p>
			 <p class=\"title\">Clearsite currently has the following features:</p>
			 <dl class=\"about\">
			 		<dt>Windows Domain login system</dt>
			 			<dd>No need for a secondary login, simply use your Active Directory domain login</dd>
			 		<dt>Real-Time Ajax search for:</dt>
			 			<dd>IP, MAC Address, CSS Content Rule/Owner/Service</dd>
			 		<dt>Graphing and detailed information for:</dt>
			 			<dd>Port Statistics, Port Speed/Duplex, Host IP, Host MAC address, Port Vlan, Port Location, Port Status</dd>
			 			<dd>Content Rule/Owner/Services</dd>
			 		<dt>Automatic/Dynamic discovery and maintenance of:</dt>
			 			<dd>Router/Switch interfaces/ports, Memory and CPU's</dd>
			 			<dd>CSS Content rules, Owners, Services, Memory and CPU's</dd>
			 			<dd>Trunked ports and CDP neighbors</dd>
			 		<dt>Group Page and \"Favorite\" pages:</dt>
			 			<dd>Once signed in, users will be redirected to their Group Page containing graphs and data that is of common interest to their group. 
			 				In addition, users will be able to create and maintain their own personal page of graphs and data that they are most interested in.
			 <p>Clearsite supports an unlimited number of graph items and data sources. Graphs can be combined, graphs types can also be changed. 
			 	Network devices are dynamically walked and updated every five minutes. When a new interface, switch port, content rule, owner and or service is
			 	added the data is automatically collected. Other tools require manual updates and additions where Clearsite does this automatically.
			 <p class=\"title\">Upcoming Features:</p>
			 <p>Upcoming features for Clearsite include and are not limited to:</p>
			 <dl class=\"about\">
			 	<dt>Thresholding and Alerts:</dt>
			 		<dd>Users will be able to create their own alerts and thresholds for hosts/ports/interfaces they are interested in</dd>
			 	<dt>Universal Outage/Post Mortum Database</dt>
			 		<dd>Each group will have their own custom outage report and post mortum. Alerts, follow ups and post mortums will all be managed and maintined
			 			in the clearsite outage database. Reports will be easy to locate and even update from the web interface, additionally reports can be output
			 			into the following formats: Plain-Text, HTML, PDF, and CSV.

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