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print "<h1>ClearSite FAQ</h1>
				<p>What OS does ClearSite work/run on?</p>
			  <ul><li>Currently, Linux, but we plan to have a windows version in the future.</li>
			 <p>What manufacturers and hardware does ClearSite poll SNMP data for?</p>
			 <ul><li>We only have Cisco devices to work with currently. We have a variety of routers, firewalls, MFSC's, switches, CSS Content Switches and VPN devices
			 that we are able to get data from. Adding other manufacturers and devices will be added once we use a templated design similar to Cacti's.</li>
			 <p>When will you use a templated design?</p>
			 <ul><li>Soon after we work out the main functiuons and interactions of the current itteration of ClearSite. It's hard to venture a guess at this point, 
			 however it will be sent to our mailing lists once work begins and also is completed for that portion of code.</li>
			 <p>Aren't you working backwards then? A templated design should be the first thing should it not?</p>
			 <ul><li>We know, we know... Get off our backs about it. We know the benefits, and we want to move in that direction, we were learning more about
			 PHP than anything else when we started. Now we have viable code that works the way we like it to, and we'll \"back peddel\" to that feature asap.</li>
			 <p>Why not just contribute to Cacti?</p>
			 <ul><li>Please see the <a href=\"http://clearsite.aloeusers.net/CactiVSClearSite.php\">ClearSite VS. Cacti</a> page for a verbose answer.</li>
			 <p>What sets ClearSite apart from the other projects you name as inspirational for this product?</p>
			 <ul><li>While the ALOE portion of ClearSite is very similar to MRTG/Cacti/NetDisco and many others out there, we feel that our product has a few
			 benefits over the \"competition\". Our main goal was and is ease of use, while maintaining lots of pertainant information that is both astecically
			 pleasing to look at, as well as useful. We put an equal amount of effort into the backend and to the frontend. The user experience is what sets us apart.</li>
			 <p>Well for \"paying as much attention to the frontend as the backend\" it's really not that special. What can I change to make it prettier to me?</p>
			 <ul><li>You have the source, anything you want can be changed. The \"blue-bubbles\" theme isn't right for everyone, but we did try to make it
			 as pleasing to the eye as we could. There are other themes you can use and customize. The site isn't flashy to be certain, but it is functional and
			 we think well laid out.</li>
			 <p>What programs drive the backend of clearsite?</p>
			 <ul><li>Linux for starters, Apache, PHP, MySQL, RRDTool and Net-SNMP, they do it all.</li>
			 <p>Why don't you have more documentation?</p>
			 <ul><li>We don't need it! Our code is well commented for Devlopers, and most of the tasks in ClearSite are very straight forward. There are a few
			 tutorials on manipulating graphs and customization, but other than that there should be no need for much more!</li>
			 <p>The site doesn't work when I do &lt;insert action here&gt;, and doesn't look like the screen-shots, what gives?</p>
			 <ul><li>Ahh, your using IE6 or prior most likely. IE7, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and Safari have no reported issues. ClearSite is W3C/CSS2 compliant
			 and will always be. We have no intention of coding for lesser browsers. If something doesn't work, try an alternate browser such as FireFox or Opera
			 and if that still doesn't work, send in a bug report. Again, a standards compliant browser should always be used.</li>
			 <p>What can I do to help?</p>
			 <ul><li>Pick up a keyboard and add/fix our code! Spread the word about ClearSite and FOSS in general. No software is perfect, and no software
			 fits into everyone's organization equally, help us make ClearSite fit with yours and possibly others organizations.</li>
			 <p>How many devices can ClearSite work against?</p>
			 <ul><li>Hard to say, but we have it working against 300+ cisco devices, those devices include but aren't limited to:</li>
			 <li>Cisco switches: Catalyst 6509, 4006, 3560, SUP720, and 3500 series.</li>
			 <li>Cisco routers: 7200, 7600, 2900, 2600, MFSC1 and 2 and 3800 series</li>
			 <li>Cisco Firewalls: PIX 506e, 515, 525 and 535</li>
			 <li>As well as Cisco VPN-3000 series, Cisco-CSS 11500 and 11000 series</li>
			 <p>Our polling time for RRD data is about 1 minute for 200+ various cisco devices, the majority of them finish the SNMP-Walk in less than 20 seconds.</p>
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