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this software (<a href="http://www.network-management-center.com">network-management-center.com</a>) is 100% free and may be used free of charge. you may not redistribute or sell this software for profit.

-copy all files to your web space<br>
-use <a href="http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/downloads.php" title="phpmyadmin">phpmyadmin</a> or your <a href="http://www.mysql.com" title="mysql">mysql</a> interface to run site.sql against your database.<br>
-open site.xml and edit the database section with your database details. (see example below)<br>
-go to index.php and login with <strong>username of admin with a password of test</strong>.<br>
-be sure to change the passwords for the admin and regular user.<br>

<p><strong>(site.xml) Setup the site.xml file with your database settings as follows.</strong></p>
	&#60;database type="mysql"><br>
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;server>database server address&#60;/server><br>
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;login>database login&#60;/login><br>
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;password>database password&#60;/password><br>
	&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&#60;default>mysql database name&#60;/default><br>

<p><strong>You may edit the following portion of the site.xml file to easily customize the title and headings of the system.</strong></p>

	&nbsp;	&#60;var name="header">Network Devices&#60;/var><br>
	&nbsp;	&#60;var name="title">Network Devices Administration Area&#60;/var><br>

 Add this to your htaccess file to prevent viewing of the xml config file.</strong></p>

<textarea cols="30" rows="6" style="background-color:yellow;">
<Files ~ ".xml">
   Order allow,deny
   Deny from all
   Satisfy All

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