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Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Alasdair McWilliam and the NCS Project.
All Rights Reserved. http://sf.net/projects/ncs

This software is provided under the W3C Software Licence. Please refer to
the LICENCE.txt file in the top-level installation path for terms.

This document outlines the different third party Perl modules that are bundled
with the NCS package. They are bundled as permitted under their individual
licencing terms, with minor tweaks for integration, as necessary.

1. NCS\lib\Config\

   This folder contains IniFiles.pm which is a generic INI file module. It
   permits read and write operations on INI configuration files.

2. NCS\lib\Parallel\

   This folder contains ForkManager.pm which is a wrapper to provide simple
   and easy process fork management. It does not provide true multi-threading
   in that each forked process does not have access to shared memory.

3. NCS\lib\MIME\

   This folder contains Lite.pm which is used for basic e-mail handling to allow
   NCS to send change alerts. This module is dependant on Mail::Address, as
   it's inbuilt e-mail address parsing methods are not reliable. Therefore
   Mail::Address is also bundled as MIME::Address.

This document does not outline the modules contained within NCS\lib\NCS.
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