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Network Configuration Store (NCS)
Version 3.0 Release Notes

Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Alasdair McWilliam and the NCS Project.
All Rights Reserved. http://sf.net/projects/ncs

This software is provided under the W3C Software Licence. Please refer to
the LICENCE.txt file in the top-level installation path for terms.

This is the NCS Version 3.0 stable branch from which all 3.0(x) maintenance
releases will be taken from. No major code changes will be introduced to
ensure consistency.

Version 3.0 (2) [Build 1289]
- Fix error report in GUI when MySQL connection fails
- Fix transfer retrying to actually try reset the SNMP session too
- Fix device loading to exclude disabled and archived devices to increase
  polling performance. (No longer wastes threads on devices that wont poll.)

Version 3.0 (1) [Build 1279]
- Minor code corrections in Database PHP module
- Minor code corrections in Alert Target administration page

Version 3.0 (0)
- Initial 3.0 release from stable branch (build 1274)

Major Enhancements

 * The entire NCS data store now sits in a MySQL database. This increases
   performance, simplifies management and resolves multiple security-related
   issues inherent from the design of NCS Version 2.x.

 * Both front-end (PHP) and back-end (Perl) systems have been rewritten to
   take full advantage of the flexibility provided by MySQL. This has permitted
   many major functionality enhancements over NCS Version 2.x:

        o) Refreshed GUI that is more responsive and more informative

        o) Device Manager is now fully integrated into the main NCS window

        o) Settings Manager is now fully integrated into the main NCS window

        o) NCS now uses internal Exception handling to provide accurate
           error codes to the user if a request cannot be fulfilled

        o) Device groups are now fully customisable and can be nested multiple
           times as desired by the user.

        o) The device "archive" is now a separate entity from the main
           device list to avoid any confusion

        o) Alert groups are now fully customisable and can contain multiple
           e-mail recipients (targets) with individual target permissions

        o) All HTML forms and trees are now built using generic content
           managers to ensure the HTML code produced is accurate and the
           look and feel is uniform throughout the entire system

        o) Human readable differences are now generated natively at the PHP
           level using the `Text_Diff' PEAR module (GNU diff is no longer
           distributed with NCS)

 * Other notable changes to the functionality of NCS:

        o) SNMP v3 keys have been removed

        o) System statistics are provided on the main Devices page

        o) Users' can now search the device inventory on the main Devices
           page, by combination of hostname, IP address and software release

        o) Device list now provides the state of a device `at a glance'

        o) Device archive is now separate from main device list

Installation Prerequisites

NCS Version 3.0 requires the following system software packages.

 * Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 (IIS 5, 5.1, 6)

        o) Tested with 2000 SP4, XP SP2/SP3, Server 2003 SP2
        o) Untested with Vista

 * PHP 5.2 installed as ISAPI filter within IIS.

        o) Tested with 5.2.5+
        o) Requires the following PEAR modules:

           1. MDB2 module with MySQLi driver
           2. Text_Diff module

 * MySQL Community Server for Windows Version 5.x.

        o) Tested with Version 5.0.x
        o) Requires InnoDB storage engine (foreign key support)

 * ActiveState Perl for Windows Version 5.x.

        o) Tested with 5.8.8 Build 820
        o) Requires the following modules:

           1. Net-SNMP
           2. Crypto-3DES
           3. DBI module with DBD-mysql driver

Basic Installation Steps

 1. Install all prerequisite software as advised above.

 2. Unpackage NCS-3.0 to top-level directory of your disk (eg. C:/NCS)

 3. Install the TFTP Server provided in the NCS distribution path
    (eg. C:/NCS/tftpserver) as a Windows Service by executing:

         tftpserver.exe -i            (-u to uninstall)

 3. Configure IIS web site using the `wwwroot' NCS folder as document
    path (eg. C:/NCS/wwwroot)

 4. Configure MySQL database and user with INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE and
    DELETE permissions to the database

 5. Import the SQL template provided in the NCS distribution

 6. Amend the top-level `db.ini' file in the NCS distribution specific
    to your MySQL installation (server, database, user, password)

 7. Add a new Windows Scheduled Task to run the `CS3.pl' script contained
    in the NCS distribution (eg. C:/NCS/CS3.pl) at the desired at the
    desired interval to poll devices for changes.

 8. Navigate to your newly created NCS web site in a Web browser

 9. Open the Settings tab and configure NCS to your specifications.

    o) You must specify a TFTP Server IP (usually your NCS server IP)
    o) You must specify the TFTP path (eg. C:/NCS/tftpserver)
    o) You must specify an SMTP relay to enable Alerts
    o) You must configure at least one Device Group

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