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// Geographically Dispersed Work Teams measures for all

	include($baseDir . "common/_func.php");
	include($baseDir . "common/_gdwt.php");

// for testing purposes, gdwt or workteams data is used

$sql="SELECT * FROM user WHERE username=\"workteams\"";
$result = mysql_query($sql) or die(sqlError($sql));
	$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

	include($baseDir . "common/_javascript.php");
	include($baseDir . "common/_header.php");

echo "<center>";
echo "<table width=\"700\" border=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\" cellpadding=\"1\">";
echo "<tr bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\" align=\"center\">";
echo "<td nowrap bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\" height=\"16\">";
echo "<div align=\"left\"><a href=\"index.php\">";
echo "<font color=#006699>Home</font></a> &gt; ";
echo "<a href=\"socialnetworks.php\">";
echo "<font color=#006699>Social Networks</font></a>";
echo " &gt; <a href=\"gdwt.php\"><font color=#006699>Geographic Dispersion</font></a> ";
echo "</div></td>";
echo "<td nowrap bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\" height=\"16\" colspan=\"2\">";
echo "<div align=\"right\">";
		include($baseDir . "common/_options.php");
echo "</div>";
echo "</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";
echo "</center>";

		#echo "<br><center>";

		// grab the fields in networks table
		$sql="SELECT * FROM networks WHERE uID=$uID ORDER BY ID";
		$result = mysql_query($sql) or die(sqlError($sql));

		// display the netname field in a pull-down menu



			$net = $row['netname'];
			#echo "Team = $net<br>";

			// stat is the variable used for the class GDWT
		$stat= new GDWT($uID,$net);

			// triangle function to display matrix values

		#echo "raw data (upper-right triangle)=<br>$stat->data<br><br>";

			// create site function to determine how many different sites

		$sites = $stat->createSites();
				for($c=0; $c<count($stat->sites); $c++){
					#echo "Site $c contains people: {$stat->sites[$c]}<br>";
			#echo "<br>";

			$miles = $stat->computeMiles();
			$minutes = $stat->computeMinutes();
			$shared = $stat->computeShared();

			#$sites = $stat->computeSites();

			#$isolation = $stat->computeIsolation();

			$separation = $stat->computeSeparation($miles);

			$deviation = $stat->computeDeviation($miles);

			$overlap = $stat->computeOverlap($shared);

			// compute the five indices - Sites, Isolation, Separation, Deviation, Overlap

		$sqlNetwork="SELECT * FROM networks WHERE uID=$uID AND netname=\"$net\"";
		$resultnet = mysql_query($sqlNetwork) or die(sqlError($sqlNetwork));
		$rowNetwork = mysql_fetch_array($resultNetwork);

			#echo "Site Index=$rowNetwork[site]<br>";

			#echo "Isolation Index=$rowNetwork[isolation]<br>";

			#echo "Separation Index=$rowNetwork[separation]<br>";

			#echo "Deviation Index=$rowNetwork[deviation]<br>";

			#echo "Overlap Index=$rowNetwork[overlap]<br>";

			#echo "<br>";

	include($baseDir . "common/_footer.php");
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