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# Application website and project website are both hosted by SourceForge

# Requirements
- Php 4.1.0 or greater (4.3.x or greater recommended)
- session support enabled
- file_uploads On

# Upgrading (starting from version 2.5.2)
- IMPORTANT: Make a backup copy of your "includes/settings.php" and backup 
  the database (we are not responsible for lost data!)
- Replace all files in your NetOffice folder with files from the new 
- Start the upgrade at installation/upgrade.php
- Remove installation folder and its contents after successfull 
  install for security reasons.
- Login at index.php

# Installing (only for first install, not for upgrade)
- Extract in one folder, "netoffice" for example
- Unix/Linux: rename "includes/settings_blank.php" to "includes/settings.php"

- Prefered method (more secure): As the root user issue the following 
  commands replacing apache with your webserver user/group
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 664 "includes/settings.php" file
  + Unix/Linux: chown appache:apache "includes/settings.php" file
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 775 "files" folder 
  + Unix/Linux: chown appache:apache "files" folder 
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 775 "logos_clients" folder 
  + Unix/Linux: chown appache:apache "logos_clients" folder 

- Secondary method (less secure): If you don't have permissions to do the 
  above then try this
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 666 "includes/settings.php" file
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 777 "files" folder 
  + Unix/Linux: chmod 777 "logos_clients" folder 

- Create a new MySql database "netoffice" or use existing database
- Start installation at installation/setup.php
- Set all parameters
- Remove installation folder after successfull install
- Login at index.php
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