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# NetOffice 2.5.3-pl1 / 2003-01-19
+ Removed usage of "mysql_ping", it is PHP >= 4.3 specific. This
  was the cause of the "Blank Screen" bug if you used older 
  PHP versions than 4.3.x (madbear)
+ Changed how classes are loaded, now we use absolute paths
  rather than relative ones, more reliable (madbear)
+ Switched to the LONG Superglobals (HTTP_*_VARS) for greater 
  compatibility with older PHP versions, still only officially
  support PHP >= 4.1 (madbear)
+ Made some configuration changes to jpgraph.php to look a little
  harder for your fonts directory, else error with message if it
  can't find it. Also set some defines to speed it up (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [878657] modified mail notification footer to include 
  correct link to the login page (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [873511] task sorting on viewproject.php page has 
  been corrected (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [803578] Report Results Sorting has been fixed (madbear)

# NetOffice 2.5.3 / 2003-12-24
+ BUG FIX [ 852489 ] typo error in url makes edit project failing (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 779377 ] Bookmarks update doesn't work (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 823755 ] Sort doesn't work from Home page (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 829199 ] updater doesn't detect last digit (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 853785 ] wrong owner when entering task hours (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 853143 ] SQL Error on inactive project listing (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 853207 ] charset in generated emails now uses setCharset from 
  language files (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 857710 ] headerfunction() fatal errors (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 858347 ] Email notifications settings don't update correctly (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 861562 ] PHP Version checking problem when version is greater than 4 (madbear)
+ BUG FIX: Fixed the project listing where if you do the paging it 
  would reset back to display active projects only (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 814968 ] Cannot change password in 2.5.2 (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 814972 ] Login problem 2.5.2 (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 816492 ] SQL Error in the installation/upgrade scripts (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 816544 ] logo is broken on view client screen (patched by olsh)
+ BUG FIX [ 819166 ] the connected users are now displayed again (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [ 820828 ] instead of trying to start you out on the page you logged 
  out from, you now can select your desired start page from the user 
  preferences, by default you will start on the home page. (madbear)
+ Session name and id are no longer added to the URL (madbear)
+ Cookie authentication has been fixed (madbear)
+ Cookie/Session security greatly enhanced through the use of a secret key, 
  which is unique per installation (madbear)
+ ENHANCED display and functionality of Gantt charts (madbear)
+ ADDED Task ID to the display where appropiate (madbear)
+ ADDED total selection to resource usage report (mcook83)
+ ADDED project breakdown report (mcook83)
+ UPGRADED JpGraph to latest version 1.14 (madbear)
+ UPGRADED Javascript overLib to 3.51 (madbear)
+ UPGRADED DHTML Calendar popup to version 0.9.5 (madbear)
+ UPGRADED phpmailer to latest version 1.71 (madbear)
+ ADDED Language Files for Swedish, thanks Patrik & Andreas Pada
+ UPDATED Norwegian language file, thanks Eirik Helgeland
+ UPDATED Chinese simplified language file, thanks Yanmiao Liu 

# NetOffice 2.5.2 / 2003-09-27
+ Created new upgrade script similar to the setup script (madbear)
+ Incomplete language files will now have non-translated strings/arrays
  set in english rather than being blank. (madbear)
+ New global language file to allow customizations of language
  strings and arrays that will survive upgrades. You will need to create 
  the file "languages/lang_global.php" and take strings/array from say 
  lang_en.php that you want to modify and place the modified string in 
  the new global file leaving the original language file intact. (madbear)
+ Fixed a possible security hole in how sessions where being used,
  and session code clean up. (madbear)
+ Wrote session module to use the NetOffice database as the session
  storage container. (madbear)
+ DISABLED cookie authentication because it needs overhauled and didn't
  have time to do it in this release, it will return soon. (madbear)
+ Fixed the PMA (Project Manager Admin) permissions to allow the editing
  of client oraganizations and client users. [784865] (madbear)
+ Added phase status report (mcook83)
+ Fixed scripts/taskreminder.php. Checks to see if notifications are
  enabled before executing. Uses setup variables for table names (mcook83)
+ Reworked the core library for speed improvements. (madbear)
+ Added date and user selection to reports (completed tasks, logged hours,
  resource usage) as well as matching export fnuctions (mcook83)
+ BUG FIX [792156] Problem with JpGraph not displaying Gantt charts has 
  been corrected (madbear)
+ BUG FIX [780208] duplicating task time on cancel from edit. (madbear)
+ Various UI improvements (madbear)
+ Force PHP 4.1.0 or greater, if you are using anything older you will need 
  to upgrade to run NetOffice. (madbear)
+ Fixed update checker to work with new versioning scheme. (madbear)
+ Other code optimizations for speed gains. (madbear)

# NetOffice 2.5.1 / 2003-07-23
+ Fixed broken theme images (madbear)
+ Fixed bug #768363 - Problem with Bookmarks (madbear)
+ Fixed bug #768688 - Single quotes break SQL insert  (madbear)
+ added task status notification script, can be run from cron (mcook83)
+ added reports: completed, time, overdue, and snapshot (mcook83)
+ added list all function to project listings (madbear)
+ fixed redundant preferences menu when logged in as admin (madbear)
+ created a report page to link custom reports on (madbear)
+ added SiteSpring theme, missing some icons which will come later (madbear)
+ Other small fixes/enhancements not listed

# NetOffice 2.5 / 2003-07-02
+ Notification: support for smtp authentification (phpmailer class used)
+ Tasks and subtasks: automated insertion in updates (status, priority, datedue changes)
+ Services creation is now available, will be used in conjunction with time
  tracking module to show costs
+ Colored icons with priorities
+ Postnuke integration stopped and changes in code removed
+ Xoops integration stopped and changes in code removed
+ MSSQL integration stopped and changes in code removed
+ PostgreSQL integration stopped and changes in code removed
+ Automatic/remember login with cookie
+ Completed task are no longer displayed on the home page under 'My Tasks'
+ Made it so that the admin navigation link is only displayed to Administrators
+ Bug fix: Logging out on the project site causes login problems for staff
+ Multilingual: Latvian
+ Even more corrective measures, bug fixes, and misc visual enhancements

# PhpCollab 2.4 / 2003-01-19
New database support: PostgreSQL
User and client user: export to vcf
Validation w3c html 4.01 transitional (~90%, projects site and some special pages to update)
Layered javascript calendar with all date input
Register globals off compliant
Edit settings form extented
Themes customization improved with calendar.css and help info-tip colors
Filters improved (projectsOwner removed and new global projectsFilter)
Postnuke integration started but not operational

# PhpCollab 2.3 / 2002-12-30
Gantt graphs: cleaned (session check, split in sub-folders...)
New Gantt graph with monthly calendar view
Jpgraph updated with 1.9.1 (jpgraph.php 1.143 and jpgraph_gantt.php 1.33)
Multilingual: Slovak (win1250), Turkish
New layered javascript calendar in notes and calendar modules
Dev-kit: samples to build pages
Improvements in block.class.php to merge all html code in one file

# PhpCollab 2.2 / 2002-11-24
Ftp support completed with upload/copy/delete files (Anthony Champion ;-)
New profile: project manager administrator (transversal account with full rights on projects)
Subtasks: notifications
Split files in sub-folders
Projects site: team tasks and subtasks Gantt graphs (Lawrie Scovell ;-)
Multilingual: Hungarian, Czech (iso), Czech (win1250), Icelandic
Mantis bugtracking system integration (Gopal Patwa ;-)
Ldap authentification (Chris Kacerguis ;-)
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 2.1 / 2002-10-13
Report: new filter clients
Linked content: deny access in files directory and new script to view/download (Henning Saul)
Timezone option: dates stored with GMT +0 and timezone selector in user preferences
Bookmarks module
Sub-tasks Gantt graph
User preferences: export to vcf
Calendar item: export to ics
Projects site: published subtasks, updates history, change password
New permissions profile: disabled account
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 2.0 / 2002-09-29
Tasks: updates history (comments)
Sub-tasks: add / update / assignment history / updates history (comments)
Clients filter (new owner field)
Multilingual: Estonian, Bulgarian, Romanian
Some corrective measures
Multilingual help files

# PhpCollab 1.9 / 2002-09-01
Error handling: mysql request error in bold red
Phases: organize tasks with phases set (Cameron Lee ;-)
Support: support request form in projects site and notification (Cameron Lee ;-)
Report: complete date choice in report form (like due date) and complete date column in list result
Unique login for all users/clients
Add task from projects site by client user (notification to project manager)
Projects site: new graphics (James Buckley ;-)
New value installation type in settings (to disable update checker on install/admin)
Approval tracking restored with linked content
Tasks and phases copied if a project is copied
Clients and "my company" logo upload
New field complete date with task
Scope creep (difference between due/complete dates) visible on project page (total) and task page (bold if positive)
Multilingual: Chinese traditional, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan
Ssl authentification with e-mail certificate (Rene Kluwen ;-)

# PhpCollab 1.8 / 2002-07-31
Error_reporting forced to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE (2039)
Client user log in to main PhpCollab redirected to projects site
Fix size labels (new array byteUnits in lang files)
Project detail: total files project folder size
Sysinfo: total files folder size
File management: fix error handling in upload/filedetail (repetition in main and not present in projects site)
Admin: update PhpCollab from 1.0 (1. edit settings and 2. edit database)
Data request class: unique file
Setup: unique dump file with db fields variables
New notification: new discussion in a project
Home: display tasks, discussions and notes only if associated project is Client Completed, Not started or Open
Home: display opened discussions from all projects where logged user is member
Calendar: add event (reminder and recursive options), see assigned tasks due date (overdue in bold)
Multilingual: Russian, Azerbaijani, Korean
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 1.7 / 2002-07-13
Connected column in all members lists
Reports: Gantt graph (saved reports only)
Home: my notes block
Home: my discussions and my notes from the last 30 days (oldest are not visible)
Projects site: single access (my projects list)
File management: option to create folder with ftp functions (operational with safe-mode)
Multilingual: Indonesian
Project site: notifications for permitted client users (add and remove from team)

# PhpCollab 1.6 / 2002-07-06
No longer dependent with magic_quotes_gpc (The War Against Magic Quotes => http://www.pinkgoblin.com/quotesarticle.php)
File management: improvement with version control (Cameron Lee ;-)
All request data functions converted to class (no longer missing unset bugs !!)
All edit form: add missing onload "focus in first field"
Export project/tasks: update fields
New database support: Sql Server
Notifications class started
Project detail: notes block (ex-journal by Alexandre Gravel ;-)
Multilingual: Ukrainian, Polish
Search option: all sections or selected section
User: alpha-numeric only in login (and test if login already exists when update)
Blocks: expand/collapse
Tasks: overdue date in bold if completion not equal to 100%
User preferences: select/deselect notifications
New notifications: added to a project team, removed from a team project and new post in a discussion
Tasks: edit multiple come back (except from report results and home)
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 1.5 / 2002-06-15
Project site detail: upload client logo
Project detail and show all tasks: Gantt graph
Cleaned icons in default theme

# PhpCollab 1.4 / 2002-06-02
Admin password field and login method choice in setup
Message in admin page if setup.php file is not deleted
Settings: variable to disable update checker
Login method: fix to encrypt also new password in edit client user
New fields date approval and approver for file management
New icons in "default" theme (Thomas Dubus ;-)
Format tar.gz for release
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 1.3 / 2002-05-11
Update checker (message on admin page if there is a new version)
Improvements and corrections of the files confirm*.php
Security: replace $theme variable by THEME constant
Task: new completion field (Daniele Ugoletti ;-)
Task: new start date field
Filter to show only the projects where the connected user is member (Daniele Ugoletti ;-)

# PhpCollab 1.2 / 2002-05-04
Rebuilding of all the pages with POO development (except project site templates)
File robots.txt to avoid browse by search engine
Cvs repository for each project (Tolga Yalcinkaya ;-)
Themes/skins feature
Theme "default" (William Samplonius ;-)
Multilingual: Chinese simplified
Rights on the projects/tasks: improved rules
Improved messages (errors and confirmations)
Automatic "http://" if missing for url clients
Metadata pdf document (Yann ? ;-)
Custom charset in project site template (set in lang_xx.php)

# PhpCollab 1.1 / 2002-04-21
All icons generated with php class
All scripts independent of the name of session (session.name in php.ini)
Installation: setup script (Luca Mercuri ;-)
Multilingual: German
Login method: plain, md5 or crypt (Tolga Yalcinkaya ;-)
Client users notifications (only if project site is published)
Organizations: new email field
Projects: new upload max field
Option to allow php/php3 file upload
Addition of new rules in the handling of the tasks
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 1.0 / 2002-04-07
Detecting variables poisoning on login (forcedLogin in settings)
Unset connected if user log out (in project site)
Upload from project site: #id on file name to avoid overwrite
Publish feature on linked content
Project site: Teton template (Luca Mercuri ;-)
Multilingual: Dutch
Forgot password page
Addition of new rules in the handling of the projects
Project site templates translated
Translations supplemented in main PhpCollab
Some corrective measures

# PhpCollab 0.9 / 2002-03-24
Select language on project site login
Export project from search results
Administration: restore database from sql file
Index.php in main folders to avoid directory listing (redirect to login)
Notifications: status/priority/due_date changed
Project detail: estimated and actual times (total tasks)
Multilingual: Danish, Norwegian
Fix bug on linked content (#id on file name to avoid overwrite)
MySql version, gd and mail status on sysinfo
Unset connected if user log out

# PhpCollab 0.8 / 2002-03-16
New topics and posts since the last login in bold
Custom report: query between dates
Safe-mode value added in system info
Language browser detection (if langDefault blank)
Task: add an optional comment to assignment
All width and height values filled for status, priority and sort images in html
Notifications: module developpement started and task assignment notification done
Rename entete.php to header.php and new include footer.php (time to generate page from server and view source link)
Multilingual: Portuguese

# PhpCollab 0.7 / 2002-03-08
Project detail: export csv file (project and tasks details)
User profile: auto log out option (regulate time in seconds for the automatic disconnection)
Connected users number
Multilingual: Spanish
Logs (for checking session validity and see which users are connected)

# PhpCollab 0.6 / 2002-03-02
All columns sorting and status bar messages on mouseover done
Test of connection to the MySql Server and the MySql database
Tasks: date selector for due date, estimated/actual time and assigned fields operational, overdue date in bold
Option to turn off GD user name image (replaced by text)
Demo user not allowed when demo mode is false
Start W3C validation (HTML 4.01)

# PhpCollab 0.5 / 2002-02-27
Project Site: remove
Fix on connect function (renamed)
File management and project site publish Folder creation fix

# PhpCollab 0.4 / 2002-02-22
Language selection on login form
Project Site: create (Cypress template), add and delete permitted client users, upload client logo
Administration: MySql data dump (phpMyAdmin stuff integrated)
Administration: Edit owner company informations
Upload file on linked content: check file size (max file size), extension (php not allowed)
Multilingual: Italian
Package stuff: notes

# PhpCollab 0.3 / 2002-02-17
Clients users: list, add, view, edit, delete, delete multiple
Project and tasks linked content (File Management): add , edit details, view details, delete, delete multiple
Discussions: delete topic, delete multiple topics

# PhpCollab 0.2 / 2002-02-13
User Management: change password
Search: simple

Discussions: close topic
Package stuff: changes, todo, install, copying, readme

# PhpCollab 0.1 / 2002-02-12
Login: session
Home: my projects, my tasks, my discussions, my reports lists
Projects: active and inactive lists, view, add, edit, delete, delete multiple, copy
Project team members: add, add multiple, delete, delete multiple
Clients organizations: list, view, add, edit, delete, delete multiple
Discussions: add topic, view topic, post reply, delete post
Reports: view, add, delete, delete multiple
Tasks: list, view, add, edit, edit multiple, delete, delete multiple, copy, assignment history
User Management: list, view, add, edit, delete, delete multiple, tasks and projects reassignment
User Profile: view, edit, change password
Administration: system information
All lists: sorting
Multilingual: English, French

# PhpCollab 0 / 2002-02-01
starting application development
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