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<table id='top_gray'>
		<td class='lt' onclick='javascript:location.href="?id=tutorial"'>
			<a href='?id=tutorial'>New to <span class='sc'>NetLink?</span> Use the Tutorial</a><br/>
			<img src='Images/mars-compass-1.png' alt='' style='float: left;'/>
			<span class='intro'>If you are brand new to NetLink, or if you need to have a refresher course, browse through
			   this tutorial for a visual step-by-step guide on how to do anything within NetLink.</span>
		<td class='rt' onclick='javascript:location.href="?id=cms"'>
			<a href='?id=cms'>Site Manager</a><br/>
			<img src='Images/crystal-folder.gif' alt='' style='float: right;'/>
			<span class='intro'>View, organize, edit, delete, and rename your files on your website! Upload 
				documents, ready-made web pages, and even code your own! It's all here in the Site Manager</span>
		<td class='lb' onclick='javascript:location.href="?id=profile"'>
			<a href='?id=profile'>My Account</a><br/>
			<img src='Images/id.png' alt='' style='float: left;'/>
			<span class='intro'>Update your theme, change your password, and Upgrade your account! You can even 
				change the "view of the options" on your Site Manager. If you don't know how to use this yet, try out 
				the Site Manager!</span>
		<td class='rb' onclick='javascript:location.href="?id=bugz"'>
			<a href='?id=bugz'>Bugz</a><br/>
			<img src='Images/blue_bettle.png' alt='' style='float: right;'/>
			<span class='intro'>This is not a perfect version, and some things may happen to wreck on the Internet. 
			 If anything does happen, your can report it using our Bug Reporting System (BRS). You can also check this 
			 for other members that might have found something that is either being fixed, or has been fixed!</span>
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