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<style type="text/css">

	$dbh=mysql_connect ($host,$account,$acc_pw) or die (mysql_error());
	mysql_select_db ($table); 
	$sql="SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE Username='$user'";
	if ($edit=="Beginner")
	  echo "<form method='post' action='main.php?id=profile'>";
		echo "\n<span id='error'>WARNING!</span>\n<br/>";
		echo "<br/>\nOnce you upgrade from <b>Beginner Mode</b> to <span style='font-weight:bold; color:navy;'>\n";
		echo "Advanced Mode</span>, you <b><u>cannot</u></b> change back to the Beginner Mode. <br/><br/>\n\nAre ";
		echo "you sure that you want to upgrade?";
		echo "\n<br/>\n<br/>\n";
		echo "<table summary='upgrade border='1'>";
		echo "<tr><td>";
		echo "\n<input type='submit' onclick=\"location.href='main.php?id=profile'\" style='font-weight:bold' id='upgd_yes' name='upgd_yes' value='Yes, Upgrade to Advanced Mode'/>";
		echo "</td>\n<td width='5px'/>\n<td align='center' style='background-color:#000000;' rowspan='2'/>\n<td width='5px'/>\n<td>";
		echo "<input type='button' onclick=\"location.href='main.php?id=edit_profile'\" value='No, keep me in the Beginner Mode'/></td></tr>";
		echo "\n<tr><td class='info'>With <b>Advanced Mode</b>, you can program all<br/>\n";
		echo "all of your pages using <span style='font-family: courier new, serif;'>HTML</span> instead<br/>\n";
		echo "of using a visual editor.";
		echo "</td>\n<td/><td/>\n<td class='info'>";
		echo "With the <b>Beginner Mode</b>, you have access to all<br/>\n";
		echo "of all of the <b>R<small>OTIDE</small></b> Editors to visually edit your<br/>\n";
		echo "pages, without the hassle of knowing any code!";
		echo "</td></tr></table>\n\n";
		echo "</form>";
	elseif ($edit=="Advanced")
	  echo "Warning: Your account is already set into the <b>Advanced</b> editing mode. You cannot change ";
		echo "back to the Beginner mode without deleting your account and starting over.";
		echo "\n<br/>\n<br/>\n";
		echo "<a href='main.php?id=profile'>Back to Profile</a>";
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