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What is N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small>? I'm glad you asked....<br/><br/>
N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> is a program written by Kyle Perkins, a student of Southeast Raleigh High School (SRHS) that was assigned as a graduation project. Growing up, Kyle didn't know exactly what he wanted to do in life. After trying different carrer after different carrer, Kyle finally came upon the field of IT from SRHS. After three whole years, Kyle finally decided what he wanted to do: Web Development - and believe it or not, he's really a natural at it!<br/><br/>

When the requirement came up of a Graduation Project, Kyle knew what he wanted to do his project on, but did not know of a product. After a simple idea of what a product could be, the idea hit Kyle: N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small>! <br/><br/> Over countless weeks, Kyle would slave away in the corner of his room to write something up, test it, and re-write it, creating the version you see today!<br/><br/>

Kyle thought, "<i>You know, I really hate TeamFusion&trade;. Why don't I create something that can replace it,</i>" and thus, N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> was created. After progressing from basic HTML into JavaScript, and finally being written in PHP, N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> has now been created to be very user-friendly. <br/><br/>

N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> is really a File Management System for users to manage their uploaded files for their website. Most likely, the majority of users for this program are Teachers at SRHS. With all of the options that are included in this program, the users are allowed to to many things with their files! When the teachers use TeamFusion&trade;, the code on their website doesn't really have a "personal" touch to it. With N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small>, teachers can create their sites with the visual editor, <b>R<small>OTIDE</small> E<small>GAP</small></b>, teachers can pick and place their material, or they can go in and edit the raw HTML themselves! By the way, if you haven't guessed it, the programs' names are a very simple! Even when the name itself looks like something Japanese, they are really the editor's purpose - backwards. Take a look for yourself: !rotidE egamI :: Image Editor! 
Even though there are some errors in this program, called <b>bugs</b> (or as we like to call them "Bugz"), these errors are brought to our programmers' attention and are fixed within 48 hours.<br/><br/>

Eventually, N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> will replace the standard version of TeamFusion&trade; at SRHS, and hopefully be intergrated with the currently used <b>CORE&trade;</b> to help the teachers, and eventually, be something the teachers will use day-in and day-out!
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