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<span id='error'>ATTENTION!</span>

$dbh=mysql_connect ($host,$account,$acc_pw) or die (mysql_error());
mysql_select_db ($table); 

$sql="SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE Username='$act'";
 #Username is already defined in $ACT

echo "<form method='post' action='main.php?id=del_act&act=$act'>\n";
echo "Are you sure that you want to delete <b>";
echo ucfirst($f_name)." ".ucfirst($l_name)."'s</b> account, <i>";
echo ucfirst($act)."</i>?\n";
echo "<br/><br/>\n";
echo "This will delete $act's account on the server, records in the database,";
echo "and all of their files on the web server.\n";
echo "<br/><br/>\n";
echo "<table summary='del' border='0'>\n";
echo "<tr>\n<td>\n<input type='submit' name='yes_del' value=\"Yes, Delete $act's account\" style='font-weight:bold;'/>\n";
echo "</td>\n<td width='20px'/>\n<td>";
echo "<input type='button' onclick='location.href=\'main.php?id=welcome\' value=\"No, keep $act's account\"/>\n";
echo "</td>\n</tr>\n</table>";
echo "</form>";
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