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function color_on(cell){
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    Welcome to the <b>S<small>ITE</small> M<small>ANAGER</small></b> 
    <br />
//    if (($_GET['user'])&&($_SESSION['login']=="admin"))
//	{
//		$login = $_GET['user'];
//		$flag = 1;
//	}
//	else
//		$login = $_SESSION['login'];

	if ($file)
     echo "<br/><h3 style='margin-top:2px; margin-bottom:2px'>";
     echo "Last Saved File: <a href='Users/$login/$file' target='_blank' class='under'>$file</a> ";
     echo "<img src='Images/done.gif' alt=''/>";
     echo "\n<br/>\nMade an <span style='color: #F00;'>ERror</span>? <a href='egap.php?file=$file' class='under'>Go Back and Edit It! <img src='Images/edit.gif' alt='' style='border: 0'/></a>";
     echo "</h3> \n";
	if ($flag==1)
	  echo "<h3 style='margin-bottom:0px;'>You are viewing $login's account</h3>";
    $dbh=mysql_connect ($host,$account,$acc_pw) or die (mysql_error());
    mysql_select_db ($table); 
    $sql="SELECT * FROM Accounts WHERE Username='$login'";

<br />
    <span id="cms_intro">

		<!--This is a graphical user interface (GUI) to help you out in the organization of your files. 
		Your <b>Main Files</b> (.html, .xml, .js, etc) are listed directly below. The table listed as the 
		&quot;<b>Essential Files</b>&quot;,
you menu is listed. With the installed menu, all of your pages will be
synchronized with this menu. This way, all you have to do in update one
file, and the rest of your site will be updated with this menu!<br/><br/>
All of your <b>Images</b> are listed below your menu. This can list any type of image including BMP's, GIF's, JPG's, 
<i>and</i> PNG's. If you have any <b>Documents</b>, such as a Word file or a Spreadsheet, these are listed at the very bottom.<br/>
    N<small>ET</small>L<small>INK</small> uses certain programs to edit your files. To edit a file, you can use our 
	<b>Rotide Egap&trade;</b>
to edit your files visually, or if you are an advanced coder, you can
edit the raw HTML code itself! If you want to edit an image, you can
use our <b>Rotide Egami&trade;</b> to change your size, colors, or even save
as a different type! If you need help with any of these programs or if
you need help with this section, please consult the <a href="?id=tutorial#cms" class="under">Tutorial</a> section.
		To edit, rename, or delete a file, a document, or an image, click the corresponding link.--> 
    <div style='border: 2px black outset; width: 97%; padding: 5px; text-align: center;'>
		<span style='color: #FF0000; font-weight: bold;'>IMPORTANT:</span> <b>R<small>OTIDE</small> E<small>GAP</small></b> <u>will</u> work in Mozilla 1.7+, Firefox 0.9+, <i>and</i> Opera 7+. Internet Explorer/AOL are not supported yet!</div>
		<br />

echo $spacer;
#echo $spacer;
echo $spacer;
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